So Many Norwex Kitchen Cloths…Which one do I use?

Norwex’ kitchen cloth line can be a bit tricky for newcomers to understand.  I get questions every day that include:

  • Which cloth can I use for washing dishes?
  • What works great on granite?
  • Can I wash my Teflon with that?
  • What is good to use when I’m baking?
  • Can I use my Norwex enviro cloth in the kitchen?

The truth is, Norwex has a few different kitchen “cloths” that all have a distinct and unique purpose.  Together they can transform your kitchen cleaning!  Let’s walk through the cloths one by one.

Kitchen Scrub Cloth – The Norwex Kitchen Scrub Cloth is great for washing pots and pans that require a bit extra scrubbing power.  It is safe for Teflon(R) surfaces.  Since it is not Antibac, the Kitchen Scrub Cloth is approved for using with soap.

Dish Cloth – The Norwex Dish Cloth is a favorite for anyone who likes to bake!  This loosely-woven, netted cloth is great for removing flour dough and other sticky substances from countertops after baking.

Kitchen Cloth Set (Antibac Kitchen Cloth Set) – The Norwex Kitchen Cloth Set is truly my favorite of the Norwex kitchen items.  It is the cloth that is always near our sink; ready for cleaning up spills or washing off our flat top stove.  It shines granite countertops beautifully and dries quickly.  My favorite part … no more stinky kitchen cloth!!  This cloth is Antibac, so it is not to be used for washing dishes.  The kitchen cloth comes in a set of three, or in the Tea Towel Set.  The tea towel is an excellent towel for hanging in the kitchen for drying either your dishes or hands … or both!

The Norwex All-Purpose Kitchen Cloth – To be frank; this is one of the few Norwex items that I don’t use myself.  It would be great for a really greasy project like the hood of your stove, but for all other tasks I prefer the Norwex Antibac Kitchen Cloth Set because of it’s Antibac properties.  The All Purpose Kitchen Cloth is not Antibac.

Lastly…to answer the question “Can I use my enviro cloth in the kitchen?”  –  I would not recommend it.  The enviro cloth is woven so tightly that it can easily be clogged up with soap residue, oils, or sauces.  This may cause the cloth to take on an unpleasant odor, which is never a happy occurrence.  My recommendation is to use some of our fabulous kitchen items in the kitchen, and save the enviro cloth for the rest of the house; after all, it is our hardest working Norwex cloth!


  1. Jennifer says

    These all look like such luxurious cloths. :) It’s a good thing Mother’s Day is coming up- I think I’m going to give myself an early treat!

    • Suzanne says

      Angie – I would recommend using the Antibac Kitchen Cloths or the Tea Towel set for cleaning in the kitchen. The Antibac Kitchen Cloth is the cloth we have right by our sink; one we use daily.

  2. Rylie says

    I have always wondered these things! I’m always grabbing a cloth and wondering what it’s supposed to be used for (Sometimes I’m wrong and end up using the wrong cloth). Thanks for clearing that up!

  3. Dawn Lawson says

    I have found it is just more convenient to have specific kitchen cloths to avoid any cross contamination.

    I agree that the tea towel set is probably the best way to go as far as the kitchen is concerned. But Norwex has so many great cleaning components for each room. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dusting mitt, lint mitt and window/glass enviro-cloth set. There are so many great products it’s hard to decide where to begin!

  4. says

    Thanks for posting this. It really makes it clear for those of us still learning. I agree with you about the Norwex kitchen cloth… it!!

  5. Lisa says

    I’ve been using the kitchen all-purpose towels for dishwashing. I noticed on another site that although it’s not antibac, it also shouldn’t be used with soap. Soap will create an odor. So what towel can be used for basic dishwashing?

  6. Angie Rhodus says

    The example of using the envirocloth in kitchen with chicken & picking up all contaminates is what has drawn me to Norwex. Will the kitchen cloth clean as well as the tightly woven envirocloth?


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