Norwex has Specialty Cleaners for YOUR Tough Jobs

Our multi-purpose Norwex Microfiber with just water can clean over 90% of your home.  However, I’m often asked what to do with those jobs that need a little extra power.  Norwex has specialized cleaners for just that!

Depending on their water type, many of my clients struggle with hard water deposits and kitchen or bathroom scum. Norwex has specific cleaners for those exact dilemmas.

Power Cleaning


DeScaler is a spray on product to battle tough stuck on grime and hard water deposits, usually in the bathroom.  Just spray the solution, let … Read More...

Helping Children Put Their Best Foot Forward This Summer

Kids seem to grow in spurts.  Just when you think you have the next season covered in dressing your child, he or she shoots up an inch.  Buying kids’ attire can be an expensive endeavor; this seems to be especially true of shoes.  Last year’s summer shoes tend to pinch.  Yet with the sandal season being so short, who wants to pay a lot of money for a pair that may only be worn a handful of times?

One solution for saving money on the kid clothing budget is to … Read More...

Try the Norwex Descaler for that Deeper Clean in your Bathroom

Norwex DescalerLooking for a deeper clean in your bathroom?   The Norwex Descaler may be just what you’re looking for!

The Norwex Descaler is a product that REALLY works on hard water stains, rust stains, calcium buildup, and whatever else may be lurking in your bathroom.  Check out these great “Before and After” Photos:

Norwex Descaler Cleans Whirpool Jets with Ease
Descaler Removes Cloudy White Hard Water Buildup
This Hot Tub was set for the trash heap until the Norwex Descaler made it look brand new!

One thing I love about our …

Dangers of Traditional Oven Cleaners and Safer Alternatives

Dangers of Oven CleanerDirty Oven?  Are you concerned about how to clean it with traditional cleaners and looking for a more natural option?

There are reported cases of damage to humans and home appliances with the frequent use of traditional oven cleaners. A common toxic chemical compound found in these products is sodium hydroxide, or “caustic soda”, that possesses a very high level of alkaline that may readily be the main cause of a lot of damage if not used properly.

Be careful to check labels for the terms like “corrosive” or “caustic” … Read More...

Eco-friendly Enzyme Drain Cleaner

Eco-Friendly-Drain-CleanerLooking for an environmentally friendly drain cleaner?

Enzymatic drain cleaners are safer to use, environmentally-friendly, cheaper and simpler. Although some chemical-based drain cleaners in the market today claim through their advertisements that they are safer to use, we don’t want to risk the health and safety of ourselves and our family. Enzymatic biological drain cleaners are now available in the market and these eco-friendly cleaners are non-caustic and toxic free, therefore not harsh to humans, pets and especially the environment.

What are the benefits of enzyme drain cleaners? With consumers … Read More...