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Norwex Makes Makeup Removal Quick and Easy

Makeup-Removal-Cloth-SetLooking for a fast and easy way to wash your face and clean your makeup off at the end of a hot summer’s day?  Look NO FURTHER!!  The Norwex Makeup Removal Cloth is the perfect solution.

The amazing thing about these cloths is that you ONLY USE WATER!!!  No drying soap, no harsh cleansers, no need to check an ingredient list to find out if there are parabins, horomone disrupters or gluten in your soap….it’s only water.  I often get skeptical looks at parties when I share that you can remove even waterproof mascara with these handy little cloths, but it’s true.  The Norwex Makeup Removal Cloths and water are the gentlest, most effective way to remove your makeup.

Wondering how can these cloths remove makeup without some type of cleanser?  The secret is the way these cloths are made. The fibers are woven extremely tightly together which allows it to gently remove the makeup from your face when you wipe.  It cleans your skin, yet this suede microfiber is gentle on even the most sensitive skin!

Do you struggle with dry skin or eczema?   Using a makeup removal cloth and water is perfect for sensitive skin because there are no harsh soaps or chemicals coming in contact with your skin.  They leave your skin feeling soft and smooth; they are designed specifically for sensitive skin and delicate eye areas.

The makeup removal clothes come in a set of three, so you will always have a clean one handy.  I recommend rinsing the cloth well with hot water after each use, and change cloths every two to three days.  Imagine all of the money you will save using these same cloths that naturally have our two year warranty.  Want to always have one handy?  The three pack would allow you to keep one in your shower, one in your purse for emergencies, or have an extra one for when it’s time to launder them.

Once you try the Norwex Makeup Removal Cloth, you will never go back to soaps or cleansers.

Still skeptical?  Keep in mind that we have a 60 day money back guarantee on all Norwex products, so you have nothing to lose; give them a try today!  You can BUY MAKEUP REMOVAL CLOTHS online or Contact Me for more info.

Want to see these amazing cloths in action?  Contact me at to set up an in home demonstration with a few of your friends.

Already love the Norwex Makeup Removal cloths?  Share your stories and comments below.

~ Suzanne

New Norwex Bath Towels

Norwex has NEW Bath Towels, and they are simply WONDERFUL!!

As I have said before, I love the Norwex Bath Towels!!  I really do.  This is the first Norwex item I use every morning and one of the last ones I use at night.  I even take my Norwex towels on trips; that is how great they are!  I was so happy to learn that Norwex was bringing out NEW COLORS in our bath and hand towels this fall, and that they match my house beautifully!!

I previously wrote a detailed post about all of the reasons that I love the Norwex bath towels, but to summarize:

  1. They don’t stink!!
  2. They don’t need to be laundered very often.
  3. Reasons #1 and #2 help me save time and money!!
  4. They conserve water.

I’m just thrilled that these wonderful towels are now available in LATTE and TEAL, in addition to the original BEIGE.

I challenge you to give the Norwex bath towels a one-week try and let me know what you think.  We have a 60 day satisfaction guarantee on all products, so if you aren’t satisfied…you can return them for a full refund.

You can purchase the towels on my WEBSITE, or by CONTACTING ME.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Norwex Bath Towels that save Water, Time and Money

I love the Norwex Bath Towels!!  I really do.  This is the first Norwex item I use every morning and one of the last ones I use at night.  I even take my Norwex towels on trips; that is how great they are!

I recently was talking to a consultant on my team that lives in Texas, and she told me that she sells between five and ten of the Norwex bath towels at every party.  It was during our conversation that I realized that, while I love these towels, I have not been spending enough time sharing their wonderful qualities with others.

Let’s talk about some of the reasons I (and others) LOVE these towels.

#1:  THEY DON’T STINK!!  The Norwex bath towels are Antibac, which means they contain our unique antibacterial agent that is used for self-cleaning purposes.  The agent is designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold and / or mildew growth within the product. Think about YOUR bath towels.  Would you say that ‘bacterial odor or mildew growth’ within the product are an issue?  I hear so often that people are irritated by stinky, smelly, mildewy bath towels.  I get that comment a lot when people are asking me how to eliminate odors in their laundry.  The best way to do it is to never experience the odor in the first place!

#2:  I DON’T LAUNDER THEM VERY OFTEN.  As I mentioned in “How to Clean Your Norwex Cloths“, I recommend that you launder your Norwex Antibac Bath Towel weekly.    If you are currently using cotton bath towels, you know this is far less frequently than you would launder a “regular” towel.  I don’t have to launder mine very often because the self-cleansing agent keeps it fresh and clean.

#3:  #1 and #2 SAVE ME TIME AND MONEY!!  In a family of four, we have a lot of dirty laundry.  The last thing I want to do is add to it by having several loads of towels to wash and dry each week.  Using the Norwex Antibac Bath Towels allows me to SKIP the loads of towels that we used to do each week.  Instead, I can just launder a few towels weekly, and they don’t even need a special load!!

#4:  THEY CONSERVE WATER.  I mentioned earlier that these towels are HOT sellers in Texas right now.  People are snapping them up in areas where they have been in a drought and are restricted on the amount of water they can use.  Having fewer loads of laundry each week makes a big difference in terms of not paying the stiff penalties for going over the allowed amount of water each week.

Does this sound too good to be true?  The Norwex towels really are amazing!  I challenge you to give them a one-week try and let me know what you think.  We have a 60 day satisfaction guarantee on all products, so if you aren’t satisfied…you can return them for a full refund.

To order the Norwex Antibac Bath Towel, click HERE or contact me at 651-402-0306.

The Antibac Body Pack is a Must Have For Everyone

A fun testimonial from one of my favorite customers:

Not only do I use these for my face every night and morning (sometimes even during the day to dab off the oily spots on my face), but my family takes them camping with us during the summer too!  We go “dry” camping, meaning we are those tough campers that LOVE to camp where there are no showers, no running water or flushing toilets.  We seek out the outhouses and the lakes to take our baths in!  Each night we use the Norwex Antibac Body Pack cloths to clean ourselves off from the day of fun playing.  Normal baby wipes do not even come close to how good these clean you (and the normal baby wipes are filled with such yucky chemicals!!)!

Do you have brushes you use for putting on your make up?  Want to get them clean each time you use them?   Rinse them with water when you are done, wipe them with the body pack cloths and let dry for the next day, they stay cleaner and healthier for your face than just washing them weekly with soap and water!

Travel Facial Cloths for Babies – A Childcare Provider’s Story

A fun story from a favorite hostess of mine named Christine who managed a child care:

I have to tell you how much I love those cute little antibac baby body pack cloths

These little travel-sized facial cloths are unbelievably wonderful!  I have them everywhere…  I did family child care and I took them on field trips to wash the kido’s hands whenever needed, especially before meals.  When the little ones were in the highchairs, I used them to clean their faces and hands while they are learning to eat, makes for a much easier clean up when you have 10 kids eating at the same time!

Have you ever had a little one with a raw bottom from nasty diapers?  Take the “blue” one (b for blue = b for bathroom) so you know that it’s always the bathroom color cloth, and gently clean your little one’s bottom.  Not only does it clean it, but it’s soft and it’s antibacterial and a whole lot better than a normal washrag!  It really helps to heal the infections fast.

I pack these wet in a little zip lock bag, put them in the lunch bags my older children take to school; that way I know they always have clean hands when they sit down at the lunch table and helps to keep those school germs away.

Don’t forget to keep them in your purse/bag and cars…take them with you when you are shopping, eating dinner out or having fun!