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Hitting the Slopes? Don’t Forget these Essentials for Your Skin!

Ski, skiers, sun and winter fun - skiers enjoying ski vacationHave you been hitting the slopes this year? Where is your favorite place to ski or snowboard? My family loves the winter months! The boys are often outside on their snowmobiles and the ice. This upcoming weekend, my friend is going a on a ski trip with some friends. She let me know that she’d be packing some “Norwex essentials” to keep herself clean and her skin moist. I thought I’d pass them along since we’re all struggling to keep our skin hydrated in these dry months!

Timeless Natural Hand Cleaner: When you come in from the slopes, the ski lodge is a relaxing place, but not always the most sanitary place (depending on where you go). I’ve sat at quite a few sticky tables and seen some pretty muddy bathrooms. The last thing you want to do is frequently wash your hands or use hand sanitizer, especially when you’re going to step outside shortly. Instead, try the Timeless Natural Hand Cleanser. It uses organic Rosemary, lavender and lemon to clean hands instead of alcohol. A much better alternative to dry skin or catching a cold!

Body Pack: For as cold as it was out there, you’re sweaty by the end of the day! And if you’re having lunch in between runs, freshening up feels really good. In a recent article, Do You Really Need to Shower Everyday, dermatologists advise that showering once or more per day “can actually be harmful to skin, as hot water strips essential oils and can lead to irritation.” Especially in the wintertime, the “alkaline pH of some soaps can disrupt normal skin barrier function, says Zeichner. This, along with heavily fragranced formulas and long hot showers, can result in chronically parched and itchy skin that is prone to irritation.” Dry, flaky skin over dinner? No thank you! Try Norwex’s body cloth instead! Just get the cloth wet and wipe your skin down. This cloth will remove the excess oils, sweat, dirt, and bacteria instead of stripping your skin of all its natural moisture. Its perfect to use throughout the day. It has the BacLock feature so it will purify itself while you are working up the courage to go down the Black Diamond. Continue reading

I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter!

9c32ada1289a95bef8e35ab4e97de097We are in the final shopping days before the holidays hit!  Have you finished all your shopping and wrapping?  Or are you a Christmas Eve shopper?  What is the closest you’ve ever cut it?

Some years, I struggle to find unique gifts for the women in my life.  Many times, I’ve defaulted to candles, or lotions, or sweets.  I’m not the crafty type either so making an original gift is way out of my comfort zone.  Are you still hunting for the perfect gift for one of the women in your life?  Maybe Norwex can help you put together a gift set that you won’t find in the store!  Here’s some fun options:

Spa Wrap: The first time I felt it, I thought to myself “I can’t believe its not butter!” Pamper someone special (or yourself!) with this amazingly soft wrap. The elastic and Velcro closure will ensure it fits snugly as she gets ready in the morning. The BacLock feature will ensure that it won’t smell the next time she uses it, which will probably be everyday!

Turban: Pair the Spa Wrap with the light blue hair turban. It absorbs 75% of the water from hair so not only are you giving her the turban, but you are also gifting her more time in her morning routine (a gift women strive for everyday!). The draw string feature makes sure that it fits tightly on her head, no more re-wrapping the bath towel while she is putting on her makeup. Continue reading

New Norwex Products Launched this October

Are you looking for fun new items to add to your Norwex collection?

Maybe you’re just wondering what’s new??

On October 1st, we launched some fabulous new things just in time for the holidays.  Check out the video below:

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Avoiding Razor Burn: Skincare for Dad This Father’s Day

Father And Son ShavingAccording to, giving Dad a special razor this Father’s Day is in good taste.  (Sorry – neckties did not make the list).  One small problem with razors as a gift: razor burn.  If not the burn, Dads can definitely end up with razor bumps.  With a collaboration of several tips from and from writers and a few choice Norwex products, Dad can stop having a flaming face forever!  (Ladies, this also will help you to avoid razor burn on your legs as well).

First of all, use your razor during or right after a hot shower.  The Norwex Body Pack cloths are perfect to help the hot water soak in.  Took a shower the night before – simply hold the warm cloth to your face for a few minutes.  Softening the hair, opening the pores and cleansing the skin are all benefits of this warm water procedure.  (Don’t worry – the body pack comes in manly colors too!)

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Norwex Makes Makeup Removal Quick and Easy

Makeup-Removal-Cloth-SetLooking for a fast and easy way to wash your face and clean your makeup off at the end of a hot summer’s day?  Look NO FURTHER!!  The Norwex Makeup Removal Cloth is the perfect solution.

The amazing thing about these cloths is that you ONLY USE WATER!!!  No drying soap, no harsh cleansers, no need to check an ingredient list to find out if there are parabins, horomone disrupters or gluten in your soap….it’s only water.  I often get skeptical looks at parties when I share that you can remove even waterproof mascara with these handy little cloths, but it’s true.  The Norwex Makeup Removal Cloths and water are the gentlest, most effective way to remove your makeup.

Wondering how can these cloths remove makeup without some type of cleanser?  The secret is the way these cloths are made. The fibers are woven extremely tightly together which allows it to gently remove the makeup from your face when you wipe.  It cleans your skin, yet this suede microfiber is gentle on even the most sensitive skin!

Do you struggle with dry skin or eczema?   Using a makeup removal cloth and water is perfect for sensitive skin because there are no harsh soaps or chemicals coming in contact with your skin.  They leave your skin feeling soft and smooth; they are designed specifically for sensitive skin and delicate eye areas.

The makeup removal clothes come in a set of three, so you will always have a clean one handy.  I recommend rinsing the cloth well with hot water after each use, and change cloths every two to three days.  Imagine all of the money you will save using these same cloths that naturally have our two year warranty.  Want to always have one handy?  The three pack would allow you to keep one in your shower, one in your purse for emergencies, or have an extra one for when it’s time to launder them.

Once you try the Norwex Makeup Removal Cloth, you will never go back to soaps or cleansers.

Still skeptical?  Keep in mind that we have a 60 day money back guarantee on all Norwex products, so you have nothing to lose; give them a try today!  You can BUY MAKEUP REMOVAL CLOTHS online or Contact Me for more info.

Want to see these amazing cloths in action?  Contact me at to set up an in home demonstration with a few of your friends.

Already love the Norwex Makeup Removal cloths?  Share your stories and comments below.

~ Suzanne