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Kids: Just say NO (to chemicals)

Just Say No to ChemicalsFor almost six years now, I’ve been teaching my boys to “Just say NO!” (to chemicals).  They have grown up learning that there is a better way to live; a way in which we can clean with water and a cloth, a way in which we can wash our hands the old fashioned way with soap and water rather than reaching for antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer.

I love the fact that my kids are being influenced by the values I’m teaching them about saving their health and the environment by avoiding toxic chemicals.  I love that they feel sad when they see someone buying dryer sheets or antibacterial wipes at the grocery store.  Most of all, I love that my boys are growing up as AMBASSADORS FOR CHANGE!

Last November, I wrote about Celebrating the Norwex Dream Team and how my boys got up in front of a room full of 100 plus Norwex consultants and shared what they loved about their mom working as a Norwex consultant and leader.  They both shared their desire to educate other kids on how “chemicals are bad.”  My oldest son said “I never used to know how bad chemicals are.  Now I do, and I want other kids to know too.”  That’s amazing to me!  They see the problem, and they want to bring about change in the world around them.

My  younger son was once giving a friend a quick tour around our house.  He stopped half-way up our stairs, turned to his friend and said “Oh – and we don’t have chemicals here.  We use Norwex, so it’s safe.”  He was in Kindergarten at the time, and my heart just melted at how sweetly he was assuring this other little boy that he was safe in our home because we don’t have toxic household chemicals.

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Free Yourself by Signing Up with Norwex Risk Free in September

Sign up with Norwex for Free in SeptemberNorwex just announced something exciting for September!  We are inviting you to FREE YOURSELF!

Free yourself of harmful chemicals, time-consuming cleaning, working for others, debt, and costly commitments.

Norwex normally offers a free kit to new consultants with the condition that you sell $2,000 in your first 90 days.  If you don’t meet that sales commitment, you would pay $200 for your kit.  For September only, Norwex is allowing new consultants to sign up RISK FREE!  There is absolutely no sales requirement with our September “Free Yourself” kit.

You have two great options as a new consultant in September:

  • The traditional kit (including our famous mop) that comes along with the $2,000 sales requirement in 90 days, or…
  • This “Free Yourself” mini kit; it doesn’t include the mop and has fewer catalogs etc, but the only commitment is the $7.99 shipping and handling (plus tax where applicable) to get the kit to you.

Are you passionate about helping others live better? Do you dream of owning your own business? Do you long for more family time? Need a night out? Saving for a vacation? Need supplemental income? Are you longing to make the world a better place? Or maybe you just want to radically reduce the use of chemicals in your home?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, the Norwex consultant opportunity may be a perfect fit for you.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please CONTACT ME today.

To get started right away, you can SIGN UP HERE. After signing up online, be sure to contact me so I can send you my Dream Team welcome kit and tell you about my own personal team incentives for September.  Be sure to choose the basic kit option (no mop) for the risk free kit.  Your credit card will be charged just $7.99 shipping (plus tax).

Thanks for stopping by.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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Norwex Kitchen Cloths – Which One to Use?

“Which cloth do I use for which task in the kitchen??”  This seems to be one of the most frequently asked questions I get about Norwex cloths.

A few years ago, I wrote a post titled “So Many Norwex Kitchen Cloths…Which One do I use?”  Most of the information is still valid, but we’ve had a few changes, so I want to give you a quick update.

My favorite of all of our kitchen products is the Kitchen Cloth and Kitchen Towel.  We use them regularly in our home.  The Kitchen Cloth Set that I referenced in my original post has been replaced by our new Kitchen Cloth and Towel.

One of my team members sent me this handy “Kitchen Cheat Sheet” that we re-worked a bit to add new items.

Which Kitchen Cloth-page-001

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Norwex in the Wall Street Journal this week

Norwex Household PackageThose of us who have used and loved Norwex for years know how awesome it is, but this week the Wall Street Journal helped share it with the rest of the world!  You can see the Wall Street Journal article and video HERE.  I encourage you to check it out.

Convinced that microfiber is the way to clean, but not sure how Norwex microfiber compares to what you can find at the store?  We offer unparalleled quality, our unique BacLock technology that utilizes a micro silver in our cloths, and excellent one-on-one service from our Independent Sales Consultants.

Interested in learning more about Norwex and how we can provide “the real clean” for you and your familyCONTACT ME today.  I serve customers and consultants all around the United States and Canada, so I’m happy to share Norwex with you whether you live in my hometown or across the country.

I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Suzanne

More Free Product for New Norwex Consultants in April

Norwex continues to amaze me with their generosity toward new consultants!

In addition to the FREE New Consultant Kit and wonderful Fresh Start Incentives that I recently mentioned in my post about how Spring is the perfect time to start your own Norwex business, Norwex just announced that they will be offering additional gifts to new consultants that join our team in April.

spring is in the air


By JOINING MY NORWEX TEAM in April, you will receive the following items in addition to the already generous Norwex kit.

  • Micro Cleaning Hand Pads
  • Veggie and Fruit Scrub Cloth
  • Optic Scarf

This is more than $40 in additional FREE PRODUCT!

Please CONTACT ME to learn more about Norwex, and to ask me about the Dream Team starter package that I send out to new consultants who are joining my team in AprilYou can also SIGN UP ONLINE.  Be sure that I am listed as your sponsor, and please email me at upon completing your registration so that I can get your Dream Team starter package in the mail to you!

~ Suzanne