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Norwex Blue Diamond Bathroom Cleaner

The Norwex Blue Diamond all-in-one Bathroom Cleaner is one of my FAVORITE of our new Norwex products launched in August!


I LOVE the fact that the Blue Diamond is strong enough to clean that black ring around the drain in my sink or toilet, yet I can place it right on the palm of my hand at a party to show how it takes the dirtiest penny and makes it sparkling NEW!  Imagine that…putting a strong descaling and bathroom cleaner on your SKIN without it causing harm.  This is truly an amazing Norwex product!

From the Norwex online catalog:  This highly concentrated formula safely cleans toilets, basins and most other hard bathroom surfaces without corrosive fumes, leaving them sparkling like a precious jewel. Deep penetration allows for effective cleaning and descaling in one application.
Size: 12 fl. oz.
60-day warranty
The Blue Diamond Bathroom Cleaner is available for $29.99 and can be found online HERE.

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