Have you heard the news?! Norwex is offering an ADDITIONAL MOP for new consultants in May!

11205008_10153302965219766_2422539670460356389_nYou have all heard me rant and rave about the Norwex Floor System, and new consultants always get the privilege of earning their own Superior Mop Package for FREE.

What’s better than getting 1 free Norwex Floor System? Getting 2 FREE Norwex Floor Systems, and making $$ along the way! Isn’t it incredible…you would betting BOTH the Superior Mop and the Double Sided Mop pieces!

May is an especially exciting time to start your own Norwex business

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Kids and the Norwex Legacy

IMG_0844My 12 year old son loves Norwex; he really does.  He asks regularly when he can join my team and start officially sharing the products and business opportunity.  He asks me questions about my business and team, and he thoroughly understands the Norwex compensation plan; he even debates the specifics with his brother!

Recently, I was invited to attend a party for another Norwex leader and spend a few minutes speaking.  It was my son’s birthday, so I gave him the choice of us either having family time at home, him attending his church youth group with friends, or he and I attending the Norwex function together.  I told him it was completely up to him.  He came home from school one day and said “I told my friends that I’m going to a work thing with my mom on my birthday so I won’t be at youth group.”  What a kid!

On the drive to the event, I was practicing my speech while someone else drove, and when I finished the first run-through, my son said “wow; that’s an amazing story!”  That really touched me.  MY story…my “why” behind joining Norwex…that was the story he thought was amazing.  He has been a part of this Norwex journey for our family for the past six years, but for some reason hearing it told all at once was a “wow” moment for him.

My kids would have no idea how much money I make with Norwex, but they do know that my work has an impact on thousands of people.  They know that each time I go out the door to do a home party or lead a team meeting, each time I’m on the phone coaching a new consultant, that all of those things are helping spread the message of reducing chemicals in people’s homes.  They think that is important, and it’s something they are proud of.  They are very proud of my Norwex career.  Norwex is a message they believe in, and something they are passionate about even at their young ages.  I love that my kids find value in what I do.  It thrills me that they are proud of me, and it makes me prouder than words can convey that my 12 year old son wants to talk about my business and be involved in it.

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Let a Career in Norwex Help You Pay Off Debt in 2015

Paying off / managing debt is one of the top 13 New Year’s Resolutions according to USA.gov Of course; they also have “save money” on the list as well; that could go hand in hand with paying off and managing debt.  If you’re like many Americans, your New Year’s Resolution may well include debt, and you may be thinking about ways to pay off debt in 2015.

According to the US News and World Report, the average American has more than $15,000 in credit card debt.  Their article, found HERE lists many ways to manage debt including setting a budget and paying off the most expensive debt first.

Dave Ramsey is a well known author who teaches people about how to pay off debt; you can read his instructions on his Debt Snowball method HERE.  I have a team member that used the debt snowball method with a lot of success, and her success drastically multiplied once she became a Norwex consultant and began applying her Norwex income to their debt snowball.

One of my favorite recommendations that Dave makes in his books is to consider taking on a second job to establish savings and paying down debt.  He chronicles one person’s success with this on his blog HERE.

Are you looking for ways to pay down debt, and is a second job part of that?  If so, I would encourage you to take a look at the Norwex business opportunity.  Norwex is a leader in the home party business and provides Independent Sales Consultants the ability to start their own business for free with qualifying sales.  Norwex gives you the opportunity to work this business part-time, full-time or BIG time.  You set the goal of how much income you would like to earn each month, and I can help you figure out how to hit that goal.

Norwex can help you pay off debt and save for your future financial security! The following chart is an example of what you can earn when you join Norwex.

Week 1 Party 2 Parties 3 Parties 4 Parties 5 Parties
one $175.00 $350.00 $525.00 $700.00 $875.00
two $175.00 $350.00 $525.00 $700.00 $875.00
three $175.00 $350.00 $525.00 $700.00 $875.00
four $175.00 $350.00 $525.00 $700.00 $875.00
Cumulative Profit $700.00 $1,400.00 $2,100.00 $2,800.00 $3,500.00

Note: The information provided is not a guarantee of earnings with the company.

* Parties are based on a $500 Party Sale Average with great potential for higher earnings as you build a team of Consultants.

Want to learn more?  CONTACT ME for a no-risk, pressure-free discussion on how Norwex may fit into your life.

Ready to get started?  SIGN UP HERE to join my team, and then be sure to email me at suzanneholt@live.com so that I can send you my Dream Team new consultant starter package.

Here’s to an amazing 2015!

~ Suzanne


Start your own Norwex business in time for Spring Cleaning

Sign Up NowSpring cleaning season is here, which means this is the perfect time to start your own business as a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant.

Have you heard?  Recent medical and scientific studies suggest that chronic exposure to low levels of synthetic chemicals and “toxins” found in indoor air pollution may be linked to numerous health concerns, including but not limited to: allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s, ADD  (Attention Deficit Disorder); and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Unfortunately, people overlook the cumulative effect of repeated exposure to cleaning chemicals since no one is really affected by a single exposure of handling them.

Most of your friends and family do not realize how much easier (and healthier) their Spring Cleaning could be.  You can be part of helping them create a healthier home, while saving $$$ at the same time.  They will thank you for sharing the Norwex, and you will be creating an amazing and fun career for yourself.

Every day, I am excited to see new consultants making a difference in the world while creating financial security for themselves and their families.  April is a great time to seize the amazing opportunity that Norwex independent sales consultants have to make the world a better place while also earning an amazing income!!  The Norwex mission is like no other…helping people save time, save money, SAVE THEIR HEALTH, and save the environment.  Norwex rewards us very well as we live out this mission!

Norwex continues to make the business opportunity more and more attractive to NEW Norwex CONSULTANTS!  We are offering an amazing incentive right now for new sales consultants.  You are able to receive hundreds of dollars in FREE products and supplies in your first 60 days through our Fresh Start Program.  Contact me to ask about my personal incentive for joining the Dream Team this month.

By joining us on one of the top Norwex teams in the world, the Dream Team, you will have access to unparalleled training and coaching, including one-on-one coaching calls, weekly team emails, weekly new consultant and business opportunity training calls, monthly meetings available live and via the internet, access to an exclusive Team Training website with resources to meet your every personal and business need, as well as a Dream Team Facebook group where you will hear from me and other Dream Team leaders on a regular basis with inspiration, business tips, Norwex product training,  and assistance.

Find more information below, including the contents of the FREE STARTER KIT and the New Consultant Incentive.

Have more questions?  You can contact me and I’m happy to have a one-on-one conversation with you.  If you would prefer to do a little more research first, you can read my New Consultant Frequently Asked Questions and receive answers to questions such as:

  • How should I decide which consultant to sign up under?
  • Does the physical location of my sponsor matter?
  • How much does it cost to become a Norwex consultant?
  • Can I just buy the products for my own use and not sell them to others?
  • Besides the great discount on Norwex products, are there any other benefits to becoming a consultant?
  • What products should I have in my Norwex kit and how much will it cost me?
  • Do I need to keep inventory?
  • Is Norwex a pyramid scheme?
  • What are the monthly sales requirements?
  • How will I be trained?
  • How do I learn about the products and develop my product knowledge?
  • As my Norwex mentor, how do you communicate with the consultants on your team?
  • How do I get paid?
  • and much more!!

Please CONTACT ME to learn more about Norwex, and to ask me about the Dream Team starter package that I send out to new consultants who are joining my team in AprilYou can also SIGN UP ONLINE.  Be sure that I am listed as your sponsor, and please email me at suzanneholt@live.com upon completing your registration so that I can get your Dream Team starter package in the mail to you!

~ Suzanne

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