Chemical-Free Classroom: A Back to School List for Teachers!

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Did you know that not only will your students get smarter this year, but the bacteria in your classroom most likely will too?! When products claim they kill germs, there are still the “smart” bugs that they can’t kill. This bug continues to produce its resistant spawn, and eventually, the anti-bacterial products must upgrade their solutions to keep fighting the germs. According to the FDA, “There is some evidence that long-term exposure to some ingredients in antibacterial products, including triclosan, ‘could pose health risks, such as bacterial resistance or … Read More...

State of Hockey or State of Stink?

White Bear HockeyIn the State of Hockey (aka Minnesota), our season is in full swing!  If you’re a hockey mom or dad, you’ve rearranged your schedules to attend every practice, you’ve sharpened the skates, and booked your hotels for the out of town games, but have you prepared for the stink?  Hockey season seems to bring a distinct odor with it.  Don’t worry, Norwex has 3 great products that are going to make your season smell more like Christmas and less like the locker room.

Body Pack: Let’s face it: boys …

Norwex Fridge So Fresh – A Young Mom Reviews

403601-fridge-so-freshShe said…”You’ll Never Find my Fridge So Fresh!”  Here’s the story of a young mom who tried out the Norwex Fridge So Fresh for me:

If you came to my house, I bet you would never find my Norwex Fridge So Fresh. As many people know, it can be used for more than just odors in your refrigerator. It can be used for the garbage can, the litter box, a gym locker, etc. It is simple product that knocks out embarrassing problems. I bet you would walk … Read More...

Norwex Products Made Just for Kids

Part 12 in Gretchen’s Journey

For many years, my kids have gotten out of cleaning.  After all, what mom in her right mind would give her young child a bottle of chemicals and say “Squirt Away.”  That has all changed now that I use Norwex products.  Since no chemicals are involved, even younger children can learn how to scrub with a cloth.  While the kids can use the majority of Norwex items, several of the products have been created specifically with kids in mind.

Kids Enviro ClothNorwex Kids Enviro Cloth

This microfiber cloth …

Dirty Baseball Socks

Baseball season is upon us, and that means lots of nights out at the local baseball fields watching the boys learn teamwork and how to play the all-American pastime.  This year, our coaches have decided that the boys will play even if it is raining.  Tuesday night we had a great game (our team won!) at one of the local fields.  It was pouring rain the entire time.  My little guy came home soaked to the skin, and with socks covered in mud!

Summertime socks always seem to get especially …