Norwex Before and After Book

Norwex before and after bookSeveral years ago, my friend and fellow Norwex leader, Melody Skelly and I decided to work with our teams to develop a Norwex Before and After photo book.  Norwex is amazing, but we all know that pictures can tell the stories so much more effectively than mere words.  Last year, Melody and I gave our book to the Norwex marketing team.  They made some modifications and released the book to all Norwex consultants.  I’m excited to be able to share the book with you here.

You can view or download the before and after book HERE.

Amazed?  Is this a product that you can see yourself sharing either with a few friends and family in your living room, or maybe sharing with the world as a new career?

Contact me today to schedule an in-home presentation, online Skype or Facebook party, or to sign up as a new Norwex consultant on my team.  You can start creating amazing “before and after” photos of your own!

Happy cleaning!

~ Suzanne

The Dreaded Removal of Wallpaper & the Norwex Solution

Part 5 in “Gretchen’s Journey” where she delves into the idea of cleanliness without chemicals…

Perhaps I was simply born in the wrong era to appreciate wallpaper. Many years ago, I had the privilege of being in my Mom’s Bible study group along with several of her friends. For the year end celebration, I invited this special group of ladies over for lunch. Having moved into our new house only a few months earlier, I was excited to begin making memories there. Gathering in our kitchen, I heard a repeated compliment, “The wallpaper looks so nice in here.”  Looking back, I have to say that it probably was not as bad as a I thought. After all, the plaid pattern and apple border did match my kitchen.  Despite that, I was anxious to remove it.

One day not long after the lunch, I did just that. Borrowing my parents’ steamer, I scored the walls then removed the paper. I remember the process being fairly easy. Except for the final clean-up. The pieces of backing seemed to stick no matter what I did. Washcloths just spread the mess more. Expecting baby #4 at the time, I just decided to let those pieces go for the time being.   Years later, and my walls were still messy.

Here’s my “before” picture of the sticky walls:

Sticky wallpaper mess...we left it this way for years until Norwex came along.
Sticky wallpaper mess…we left it this way for years until Norwex came along.

I am not alone in this aberration of wallpaper. In searching online for thoughts on wallpaper removal, many opinions are spouted. Most of them are rather negative toward the process. Tips include everything from using to champagne to fabric softener to vinegar water. That works fine if you are okay with your kitchen smelling like an Easter egg or if you want to rub toxic chemicals all over your walls. Traditional wallpaper stripper is always an option too. Steaming did work for me mostly. Other than the fact that I had specks of brown paper of various sizes speckling my wall for over five year!

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Norwex Cleaning Paste is Elbow Grease in a Jar

When I first heard about Norwex Cleaning Paste, it was described to me as “elbow grease in a jar.”  Essentially…the cleaning paste makes so many everyday jobs easier!

The Norwex catalog describes Cleaning Paste as:  “An Environmentally friendly paste that cleans, polishes and protects chrome , stainless steel, aluminum, porcelain and similar surfaces in one application.  Comes as a solid.  Rub damp enviro cloth on product to create paste and apply to surface.  Safe for use on coffee pots, glasses and most foodware products.  Not for use on soft metals such as brass or silver.”Norwex Cleaning Paste [Read more…]

With Norwex, Doing Laundry is Quicker, Easier, and Cheaper

Laundry has never been something that I “LOVE” to do, but Norwex absolutely makes it quicker, easier, and we save money!!

We have allergies in my home, so I love the fact that the Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent is filler-free and unscented, and will not leave residue in your clothing.  It has superior stain removing properties, whitens whites, brightens colored fabrics, and cuts through grease and dirt leaving clothes soft and fluffy.  One bag washes approximately 80 loads in a standard machine or 250+ loads in high efficiency.

Think your laundry detergent is natural or filler-free?  Check out this incredible photo.  The glass on the left shows an organic laundry detergent, the glass on the right shows another popular brand.  The middle glass is the Norwex Ultra Power Plus!  Norwex laundry detergent

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Norwex Helps Remove Lint, Pet Hair and More

Norwex has some handy helpers that are just what’s needed to remove pet hair or lint from carpeting and clothing.

The Norwex Rubber Brush removes hair, lint, crumbs and dust from textiles, pets, furniture and carpeted stairs.  It is great for removing debris from dry mop pads and dusting mitts by sweeping the brush in a downward motion.

Norwex Rubber Brush

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