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Kids: Just say NO (to chemicals)

Just Say No to ChemicalsFor almost six years now, I’ve been teaching my boys to “Just say NO!” (to chemicals).  They have grown up learning that there is a better way to live; a way in which we can clean with water and a cloth, a way in which we can wash our hands the old fashioned way with soap and water rather than reaching for antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer.

I love the fact that my kids are being influenced by the values I’m teaching them about saving their health and the environment by avoiding toxic chemicals.  I love that they feel sad when they see someone buying dryer sheets or antibacterial wipes at the grocery store.  Most of all, I love that my boys are growing up as AMBASSADORS FOR CHANGE!

Last November, I wrote about Celebrating the Norwex Dream Team and how my boys got up in front of a room full of 100 plus Norwex consultants and shared what they loved about their mom working as a Norwex consultant and leader.  They both shared their desire to educate other kids on how “chemicals are bad.”  My oldest son said “I never used to know how bad chemicals are.  Now I do, and I want other kids to know too.”  That’s amazing to me!  They see the problem, and they want to bring about change in the world around them.

My  younger son was once giving a friend a quick tour around our house.  He stopped half-way up our stairs, turned to his friend and said “Oh – and we don’t have chemicals here.  We use Norwex, so it’s safe.”  He was in Kindergarten at the time, and my heart just melted at how sweetly he was assuring this other little boy that he was safe in our home because we don’t have toxic household chemicals.

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Cabin Time with Norwex

IMG_3182My family has been a Norwex family for almost six years now, and it sometimes catches me off guard how fully it has become a part of every area of our life!

Cabin time is so different from our day-to-day life in the suburbs.  Our cute little cabin in the woods is a lot of fun, but definitely lacks the creature comforts of home.  There’s no dishwasher or air conditioning, the kitchen feels like it’s practically in the living room, and we have one tiny bathroom that we share.  It’s awesome though, because it’s ours, and it allows for great family bonding time.  The cabin is one luxury that Norwex has allowed us to have, and I’m so thankful for it.  It’s a great time for my family to get away from the rush of life and really slow down and enjoy nature and each other.  It’s time when the kids forget about tv, computers and other electronics, and they play in the woods making forts and creating fun games for themselves.

As we’re doing these things, I’m constantly reminded of the changes Norwex has brought about in our lives.  For example…the car we drive to get here.  Before Norwex, we didn’t have a car that was really large enough to comfortably get our family and supplies to the cabin.  When I promoted to the level of Vice President a few years ago, Norwex generously gave me a car allowance that provided the means for my family to be blessed with an SUV that we can travel in.  Every time I drive it, I’m reminded how thankful I am for the career opportunity Norwex has blessed me with.

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Dirty Baseball Socks

Baseball season is upon us, and that means lots of nights out at the local baseball fields watching the boys learn teamwork and how to play the all-American pastime.  This year, our coaches have decided that the boys will play even if it is raining.  Tuesday night we had a great game (our team won!) at one of the local fields.  It was pouring rain the entire time.  My little guy came home soaked to the skin, and with socks covered in mud!

Summertime socks always seem to get especially dirty at our house, and baseball socks seem to be the worst.  What was once white is now brown and dingy looking.

You have a few options when it comes to really dirty socks.

  • You always have the option to drive down to your local store and buy more socks; throwing the disgustingly dirty ones in the trash.  This would be the most costly and least environmentally-friendly solution.
  • Some people tell me that they bleach their socks to keep them white.  I have previously posted some information on the dangers of bleach under Negative Impacts of Bleach, so that is not an option I would recommend either.  It’s hard on the clothes, and not friendly to either your health or the environment.
  • What we do (and what I recommend) is the following…  Take one full scoop of Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent and put it in a bucket of hot water.  Drop the dirty socks into the hot water, and soak them overnight.  The next day you can launder them with a regular load of laundry.  We have had good success with this method.

I love my boys, and I’m thrilled that they get their socks dirty.  Dirty socks mean they are outside being active and exploring the world.  I also love the fact that I know how to get these socks clean the “Norwex way.”

What is your biggest laundry challenge?  I would love to help you tackle it.

When They Can Clean it Themselves

I am blessed to be the mother of two boys. When I found out that I was expecting my first, I knew that I would need to learn to deal with muddy shoes, insects, stinky smells. After all…aren’t we told that “snakes and snails, and puppy dog tails…that’s what little boys are made of?” When I learned that we were having our second son, I decided to accept the fact that there were going to be some seriously messy things in our house and that I would just have to learn how to deal with it.

We have had our share of messes. We have had one son walk all the way across the house with his toe bleeding, oblivious to the fact that he was smearing blood all down the hall. They come inside and tell me that they “forgot” to put shoes on before going out and playing in the dirt, so white socks have now turned brown. Yogurts break in backpacks and aren’t reported until the next day. They walk to our room to tell us they are sick and end up getting sick in the hall. We have even had one of our sons bring the head of a dead duck into the house!

These are some seriously messy scenarios. All of these messes were cleaned in a safe Norwex way…soaking socks in Norwex Ultra Power Plus to turn them white again, cleaning out backpacks or carpeting with the enviro cloth…and I have to admit that we have used our share of Odor Eliminator (after all…they are BOYS!)

There are also the everyday messes…spilled milk or juice, tiny food-fights, splashing water all over the bathroom, toothpaste in the sink and on the mirror, mud tracked across the hardwood floor or carpet, grass stains in clothing, … the list could go on and on.

What excites me is that the majority of messes that my boys make, THEY CAN CLEAN THEMSELVES!

I walked into the kitchen this morning and found one of my sons on the floor with a wet enviro cloth, scrubbing. He had spilled some juice all over the hardwood floor. Instead of using paper towels and creating waste, he got an enviro cloth, got it wet with warm water, and took care of cleaning up the mess. It warms my heart, especially right before Mother’s Day, to see my sons able to take the initiative to clean up after themselves. To know that they are doing it in a way that is safe, and also saves money and eliminates waste…that’s AMAZING!

I love the fact that I can hand my boys two cloths (an enviro cloth and window cloth) and send them into their bathroom and they can actually CLEAN it! With those two cloths, they can clean their mirror, wash the sink, wipe down the counter top and tub, and even clean the floor around the toilet!  They are learning skills of self sufficiency while I am saving time and becoming a much happier mom! They do help with the dusting sometimes as well, with the Norwex Kids Dusting Mitt, but this is a story about THEIR messes, not mine.

I am so blessed to have two wonderful sons, messes and all, but I do admit that I love the fact that they can now “clean it themselves!!”

How has Norwex changed your family’s cleaning habits? Do your children help clean up after themselves more than they did prior to Norwex? I’d love to hear your stories!