Are You Going Back to School with These Norwex Essentials?

Have you been back to school shopping yet? Are your kids excited now that they have cool new shoes and clothes? Were there any surprises on your supply lists? Back to School is busy time of preparation; there are so many little things that can be forgotten. Have you thought about how you will be keeping your kids healthy and chemical-free during their school day this year?

Back to School

The kids are so excited to see their friends again, but I want to make sure my kids are only sharing summer memories Read More...

Norwex Products Made Just for Kids

Part 12 in Gretchen’s Journey

For many years, my kids have gotten out of cleaning.  After all, what mom in her right mind would give her young child a bottle of chemicals and say “Squirt Away.”  That has all changed now that I use Norwex products.  Since no chemicals are involved, even younger children can learn how to scrub with a cloth.  While the kids can use the majority of Norwex items, several of the products have been created specifically with kids in mind.

Kids Enviro ClothNorwex Kids Enviro Cloth

This microfiber cloth …

Teaching Children Responsibility is SO Hard, but there is still Hope …

ForestGretchen’s Journey Part 11

Can’t see the forest through the trees?

…Or the carpet through the toys? :-)

When my kids were younger, I seemed to read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt frequently  enough that I have it memorized.  Now these  lines from the story naturally come to mind whenever I am up against a challenge ..  “Ooh, a forest, a deep dark forest.  Can’t go over it, can’t go under it.  Oh, no – we’ve got to go through it.  Stumble, trip! Stumble trip!”

I do believe these lines …

Kids: Just say NO (to chemicals)

Just Say No to ChemicalsFor almost six years now, I’ve been teaching my boys to “Just say NO!” (to chemicals).  They have grown up learning that there is a better way to live; a way in which we can clean with water and a cloth, a way in which we can wash our hands the old fashioned way with soap and water rather than reaching for antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer.

I love the fact that my kids are being influenced by the values I’m teaching them about saving their … Read More...

Cabin Time with Norwex

IMG_3182My family has been a Norwex family for almost six years now, and it sometimes catches me off guard how fully it has become a part of every area of our life!

Cabin time is so different from our day-to-day life in the suburbs.  Our cute little cabin in the woods is a lot of fun, but definitely lacks the creature comforts of home.  There’s no dishwasher or air conditioning, the kitchen feels like it’s practically in the living room, and we have one tiny bathroom that we share.  It’s … Read More...