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3 Simple Holiday Gift Ideas

3 Simple Holiday Gift Ideas (other than Norwex of course) present


Who doesn’t love food? Most people do when it is prepared and gifted by someone they love.

Many people love baking treats and cooking nourishing food to warm our bellies and hearts. Gifting food is easy, just keep these ideas in mind:

  • Be mindful of food allergies and sensitivities. There’s nothing like spending time creating something that can’t be eaten by the recipient. Send a quick email or check in with a phone call to the recipient and just ask. These days it’s a common question and one that could make the difference in someone enjoying your gift or needing to pass it on to someone else.
  • Think outside the box. How much would you love for someone to drop by a pot of soup, a side salad and, popovers (gluten free!) as a holiday gift instead of a gift card for the car wash, coffee or more mindless clutter?
  • Think of the recipient. Is he/she a health nut or far from it? Is their family active or not? Keep in mind who they are and how they like to spend their time when gifting food. A basket of homemade power bars and kombucha might not go over well with a family who isn’t interested in wellness.


Have you ever been given a gift card for sky diving or a trolley ride? Have you been the lucky recipient of a night out for dinner, a plane ticket or a stay at a B&B? Remember those coupon books we made our parents as children that included a free car wash, back rub and taking out the garbage? Bring it on back. Giving the opportunity to experience something new or to revisit a destination from the past are fun and welcome gift ideas. I like to think of the following when dreaming up fun for others:

  • It’s really important to know the recipient well enough to know the difference between them enjoying an afternoon at a bounce house versus an evening on a dinner cruise.
  • When purchasing gift cards for experiences, be sure there is no date of expiration on the card, or if there are specific time limitations, highlight them so the recipient is aware. There’s nothing like going to use that gift card to your favorite restaurant only to find it expired a week ago. In fact, an idea would be to write in any specifics the recipient needs to know on the card or tag that went along with the gift.
  • Are you giving an experience only one can enjoy or are you able to give “for you AND a friend”, how much more fun would that be?


This is the time of year where all kinds of craftiness comes about. It’s when grandmas, mothers and grandchildren gather to knit, sew, cut and paste. New tree ornaments, scarves, cuddlies and more goodies than we can imagine get produced. Giving handmade is not only more eco-friendly, it is such a gift to receive something lovingly created by another. If you are giving away handmades this year, keep these few ideas in mind:

  • Keep in mind for whom you are creating the gift and what their interests are. Does it fit their lifestyle; will they be able to use/wear it?
  • If you are shying away from creating a gift because you need measurements from your loved ones home or personal sizing, don’t! Imagine their wonder and curiosity after you’ve called and given them a task to measure themselves or something in their home.
  • Putting together kits of items someone would need in order to get creative themselves is another idea: Construction paper, glue, glitter and funky scissors go a long way with a child.  A recipe box, apron, spatula and a cooking class gift card will win over any chef to be.  Knitting needles, a skein of yarn, and lessons with Auntie Jen are great for the tween needing something to bide her time.  There are many great craft and art supply stores both online and near every retail center, however, for specific needs, go online to find a local shop near you or where you might need to order your supplies.

4 Responses to 3 Simple Holiday Gift Ideas

  • Dawn Hughes says:

    These are all great ideas Suzanne! I have to agree that giving someone an experience really is the best gift ever because it is something they can cherish for the rest of their lives! Memories last a lifetime :)

  • Aubree says:

    These are great ideas! Thank you for sharing your insight on each category, as it portrays to each gift! It is often hard to determine “the right present” for someone if you don’t know a lot about them, so experiences can be perfect for that.

  • Oliver Town says:

    These are some fantastic gift ideas! I hadn’t really considered giving the gift of food before, and I can see how it would be a very good present! Especially, if you know what kinds of foods the receiver likes, as then you know that you cannot go wrong. Thanks for the ideas. :)

  • Lucas Brinksworth says:

    What great ideas for holiday gifts. I often struggle to know exactly what to get people for gifts, and I never seem to be able to get it right. :( However I will ensure to think of some of these ideas for the next holiday season, and who knows maybe I might be able to pull off a good gift this year! :)

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