Give Norwex a Try RISK FREE in September

Join Norwex Risk Free in SeptemberNorwex has been such an amazing blessing in our lives for the past six and a half years, and I’m constantly amazed at the ripple effect it has created throughout the US and Canada. We’ve been able to impact many thousands of people who are now living in healthier homes because of Norwex.

Ultimately, the reason that I go out into other people’s living rooms night after night to share Norwex is for one reason – I want YOU to live a happier, healthier, longer life, and I’m convinced that Read More...

Home Improvement & Design Expo in Canterbury Park September 11th and 12th!

Home-sep15shkp-8x4.81_MMLooking for a little remodeling assistance around the home?  Come check out the Home Improvement & Design Expo in Canterbury Park during the LIVE Racing Season this coming weekend!

Friday September 11th from 5pm – 9pm and Saturday September 12th from 10am – 5pm located at 1100 Canterbury Road in Shakopee, MN.

Don’t miss your opportunity to explore up to 150 exhibitors featuring the latest products and services to help turn your dream home into a reality.

Are You Going Back to School with These Norwex Essentials?

Have you been back to school shopping yet? Are your kids excited now that they have cool new shoes and clothes? Were there any surprises on your supply lists? Back to School is busy time of preparation; there are so many little things that can be forgotten. Have you thought about how you will be keeping your kids healthy and chemical-free during their school day this year?

Back to School

The kids are so excited to see their friends again, but I want to make sure my kids are only sharing summer memories Read More...

Life Skills Series: Teach Kids to Save Their Health

Norwex Teaching Kids to Save Their HealthAt first this may seem like an odd title.  Teach kids to save their health?  Yet how many adults do you know that wish that they would have made better choices when they were younger?  Many regret their stint of smoking or unhealthy eating.  Once a diagnosis of skin cancer is given, those tanning days of summer do not seem so appealing.  When we are young, we think that we have plenty of time to make better choices.  Explaining to children that the decisions that they make today will affect … Read More...

Life Skills Series: Teaching Kids to Save the Environment

Norwex Teaching Kids to Save the EnvironmentIn most schools, protecting the environment is emphasized.  In April.  Right around Earth Day.  Yet this should be a focus all year long.  Although classrooms may not have time to emphasize this important concept, we can take the time at home to help our kids to make positive changes that will help to save the earth.

Most of these concepts are simple ones, and as usual, they start with us as parents leading by example.