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New Norwex Optic Scarf

The Norwex Optic Scarf was one of my top selling items.  In fact, you can read about it HERE as part of “Gretchen’s Journey.”  Norwex recently made improvements to make the Optic Scarf EVEN BETTER and they added some fun new patterns.  Check out the video below:

Want to place an order?  Click HERE.  It will ship direct to your home from our facility in Dallas, Texas.

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New Norwex Kitchen Cloths and Towels

Norwex just launched two NEW kitchen cloth and towel colors to compliment your home.  The buttercream and orchid cloths and towels are just like our existing line, but in new updated colors!

Looking for more details on our kitchen cloths and towels?  You can read my previous post HERE.

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Back to School With Norwex

Back to School


Wherever you live across the United States, it’s almost impossible to miss the signs that school has either started or will be starting soon.  One place this is especially obvious is the local newspaper.  I’m not talking about the weather page, although this summer seems to have been milder than some.  The weekly advertisements and fliers are what constantly remind me that parents everywhere are stocking up on back to school items.  While most students will need a backpack full of pencils, paper and possibly crayons, have you considered that for some of your most important supplies, you should look no further than your Norwex catalog?  These are several resources that no backpack or locker should be without.

1) Travel Pack (Featuring four compact Enviro cloths for $20.99)

Coming in a pack of four, the possibilities are endless for these little cloths.  Your child could use one to clean off desks, one to periodically wipe down the locker, one to clean the grime off of old textbooks and one to bring on field trips.  Since they are compact and fit in a small case, they will not get dirty in the bottom of a backpack.  Laundering them a few times throughout the school year will help to keep them fresh. Continue reading

Five Ways to Pack a Fun (Picnic) Lunch for Kids

Picnic BasketThis is Part Four in the “Summer in the Kitchen” series.

Relishing their break from school, many kids thrive during summer vacation.  Just as kids are flourishing in the summer heat, so is the bacteria that can cause food-borne illnesses.    At adult family-style picnics, often things like potato salad can be the culprit when someone gets an upset stomach after the celebration.  While potato salad and similar items may be your favorites, they most likely won’t be on top of your kids ‘wish list’ for their picnic at the park.  Lunch with the kids often means a main dish served between slices of bread, so you may not realize that extra diligence may be required when sandwiches are served in the summer heat.  These suggestions compiled both from the Federal Food and Drug Administration and from my own years of packing outdoor lunches will help you overcome this challenge. Continue reading

Three Tips on Finding Fresh Food at Your Local Farmers Market

Farmers Market signThis is Part Three in the “Summer in the Kitchen” series

Part of living a healthier lifestyle involves eating food that is grown by you, or grown locally.  While garden space may be at a premium in certain areas (like the Twin Cities Metro in Minnesota where we live), many places still do have places where farmers can display their wares.  Over the past decade according to official records, the number of Farmers Markets have quadrupled across the United States.  People are showing with their wallets that buying local is important to them.  Being able to buy your produce directly from those growing the food is definitely a wonderful opportunity.

Before you run right out to the nearest Farmers Market, there are three things that you may want to know: Continue reading