FREE Product for New Norwex Consultants in August 2015!

If you’re anything like me, you like FREE STUFF!

Norwex is always so kind and generous to new consultants. They go above and beyond to supply each new member with the opportunity to earn free product and marketing materials; it never ceases to amaze me!

August is no different. In fact, Norwex is even MORE generous in August for new consultants! Just for JOINING MY TEAM in August, you will receive:

  • 250g Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent
  • 2 Mini Peppermint Foaming Hand Wash
  • $25 Norwex SHOPPING SPREE!

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The Best Got Better!

unnamed-2 I’m at the Norwex 2015 Conference right now in Minneapolis, MN, and I could not wait to share this news with you!

Norwex has JUST announced that they have updated the EnviroCloth™ to be even BETTER than before!  That’s right, the best got better!

They have come to find a new sewing machine that weaves the Norwex Microfiber even tighter, which allows for more pickup and improves the construction of the cloth.  The “old” EnviroCloth™ is still high functioning and absorbent; Norwex has just found a better solution for the cloth.

The current cloth weighs 350g and contains 8.5 million feet of thread per cloth, whereas the NEW cloths weigh 400g and contain over 10 million feet per cloth.  This means that the cloth is 14% more absorbent and can hold 7x its weight in liquid substances!

Both cloths have the same BacLock™ guarantee, meaning they should be used with just water to clean surfaces around your home.

With confidence, Norwex would like to share with you that the “Norwex microfiber has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following the proper care and use instructions.”

unnamedIn all of my time with Norwex, I don’t know if I have ever been this excited about a new improvement they have made.  I love knowing that I am apart of a company that is striving to improve the overall quality of life for people all over the world on a daily basis!  Norwex could have just stopped at the already AMAZING EnviroCloth™ that is their #1 best seller, but in their strive to uphold quality and integrity, they unleashed the NEW AMAZING EnviroCloth™.

Upon updating the EnviroCloth™ quality, the color choices have changed a little too!  Your new options for EnviroCloth™ colors are Red, Blue, Green, and the NEW Grey color!

CONTACT ME if there is anything I can do to help you or if you would like to purchase one of the NEW Enviro Cloths as soon as they come out!

~ Suzanne

Why Norwex China? The SVP Trip to Shanghai – Reflections on an amazing trip

The BundOur final evening in China brought one of my favorite photo opportunities. We went out for a farewell dinner at Lost Heaven and had a great time visiting with each other and recapping how fun our day at the factory had been. It was a gorgeous night, so after dinner a few of us decided to walk back to the hotel. Walking along The Bund, we got the most beautiful view of the skyline that we had seen so far, so we stopped to take a few pictures. It was such an amazing night with good friends, walking through the streets of somewhere I never thought I would go.

We spent one last night at the hotel and then had some free time in the morning to do a little shopping at Taikang Lu. We then started the long trip back home.

I am so thankful to Debbie Bolton, Judy Letain, Eivind Schackt, David Peeters and Kristi Hubbard for making this a trip of a lifetime. It was a true blessing. I’m even more thankful for the Norwex opportunity as a whole. When I first heard about Norwex, I thought that this would be something fun to help fill a little gap in our budget for a while. Never would I have been able to dream of the wonderful blessings Norwex has provided in the past six years. It’s brought the best of friends into my life, personal growth, travel for myself and my family, a means of teaching my children about entrepreneurship, and it’s brought financial blessings beyond measure. If you’ve ever given any consideration to starting your own work at home business, or if you love Norwex and would like to learn more about becoming a Norwex consultant, please feel free to contact me at suzanneholt(at) or 651-402-0306. I would love to connect with you.

Thanks for sharing in my journey. Please post any comments below and I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

~ Suzanne


Why Norwex China? The SVP Trip to Shanghai – Part Five – The Big Surprise

After touring the Norwex factory, we were then told that there was a big surprise for us…we were going to make our very own enviro cloths!!! After some giggles and astonished looks, we got to work. The employees were all so sweet to help us through the process. I’m sure they had never seen anything quite like seven Senior Vice Presidents in dresses and heels trying to make enviro cloths!

Step one was pairing up to cut the cloth from the bolt. We then used the template to measure the cloth to the correct size and hand cut it with a scissors. I have to admit that my cuts probably weren’t as straight as they should have been. We were having fun though, so on to the next step… [Read more…]

Why Norwex China? The SVP Trip to China – Part Four – The Inner Workings of the Norwex Factory

Wow; we had been amazed just hearing about why Norwex is in China, and now the moment had come – it was time for us to tour the factory and see first hand how the microfiber products are made! Step one was to put on hats that all employees must wear when in the factory. You can see us all here just prior to entering the factory. [Read more…]