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Earth Day – Practical Ways to Celebrate All Year Long

Norwex earth dayCan anything good come from an oil spill? Normally not.  The 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, however, compelled then U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson to start a movement to cause people to be more environmentally aware.  On April 22, 1970, people from all races and backgrounds gathered at parks and outdoor spaces across the nation to come together to promote the need for a healthier earth.  As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency was formed, and conservation continued to be emphasized. For the 20th anniversary, the group took their efforts globally. This annual event has continued to propel changes to improve the earth’s environment.

Here are several suggestions with varying levels of involvement that you can make a difference in changing your own environment.

Go Outdoors

Easy Idea:  Play outside today.  Take a walk, go for a bike ride, just get outside and move!  By enjoying the outdoors, you are automatically using less electricity.

An idea that takes more effort:  While playing outdoors, take a selfie. Yes, you read that correctly. NASA is asking everyone to go outside and take a picture, then upload it using #GlobalSelfie They plan to make a giant collage showing everyone across the globe enjoying the outdoors.

True Commitment to Make a Change:  Become involved in making a difference in your own neighborhood. Contact your city and ask if any parks need to be revived. Search out community revitalization projects in your area. While this does involve a time commitment, the dividends are so worthwhile. Continue reading

Upcycling: A Fun Way to Recycle

Part 7 in Gretchen’s Journey

Usually when a person thinks of recycling, aluminum cans or milk jugs come to mind. Throw in a few newspapers and that was our family contribution to saving the planet. When Suzanne introduced me to a new word yesterday, I realized that we had actually been recycling in another fashion all along.

up•cy•cle: verb (used with object), up•cy•cled, up•cy•cling.
to process (used goods or waste material) so as to produce something that is often better than the original (from

We live in an older house, so this process has worked well to actually add charm and character to our home. This has been particularly true in our bathrooms.

Now our upstairs bathroom piece is possibly not truly recycled, although my husband did find a new use for an old board. To add interest, he decided to purposely leave the edge on the board. Then he built the lower part of the cabinet out of leftover pieces of wood. Due to the walls not exactly being straight, this vanity maximizes our space.

Upstairs bathroom

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Norwex Before and After Book

Norwex before and after bookSeveral years ago, my friend and fellow Norwex leader, Melody Skelly and I decided to work with our teams to develop a Norwex Before and After photo book.  Norwex is amazing, but we all know that pictures can tell the stories so much more effectively than mere words.  Last year, Melody and I gave our book to the Norwex marketing team.  They made some modifications and released the book to all Norwex consultants.  I’m excited to be able to share the book with you here.

You can view or download the before and after book HERE.

Amazed?  Is this a product that you can see yourself sharing either with a few friends and family in your living room, or maybe sharing with the world as a new career?

Contact me today to schedule an in-home presentation, online Skype or Facebook party, or to sign up as a new Norwex consultant on my team.  You can start creating amazing “before and after” photos of your own!

Happy cleaning!

~ Suzanne

Cleaning the Kitchen Sink Part 2

Part 6 in “Gretchen’s Journey” where she delves into the idea of cleanliness without chemicals…

Selling a house is a daunting challenge.  Add children to the mix, and this might be an impossible feat.  This is exactly where we are at currently.  For the most part our children have been troopers throughout this tedious process, but getting ready to have our house open to viewers has still been daunting.

Our first showing happened to fall on a morning when everyone else was gone.  I actually had some place to go also, but I got to be the one to miss my event.  (Hey, my husband has used all of his vacation time remodeling, so I really cannot complain too much).  After frantically straightening, I was almost done. Except the kitchen.

Naturally, the potential buyers arrived early.  Thankfully my husband was back in time to start showing them around.  Sending them upstairs, I tackled the kitchen, but then, there was the SINK. Several weeks ago, I talked about the fact that while feeling clean, silver streaks still ruined the appearance of my ivory sink.  My tub of cleaning paste had arrived by now, and I had used to clean many an item successfully, but I had not gotten back to the sink. With moments before a couple was going to be examining my kitchen, I put the cleaning paste to the test.

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More Free Product for New Norwex Consultants in April

Norwex continues to amaze me with their generosity toward new consultants!

In addition to the FREE New Consultant Kit and wonderful Fresh Start Incentives that I recently mentioned in my post about how Spring is the perfect time to start your own Norwex business, Norwex just announced that they will be offering additional gifts to new consultants that join our team in April.

spring is in the air


By JOINING MY NORWEX TEAM in April, you will receive the following items in addition to the already generous Norwex kit.

  • Micro Cleaning Hand Pads
  • Veggie and Fruit Scrub Cloth
  • Optic Scarf

This is more than $40 in additional FREE PRODUCT!

Please CONTACT ME to learn more about Norwex, and to ask me about the Dream Team starter package that I send out to new consultants who are joining my team in AprilYou can also SIGN UP ONLINE.  Be sure that I am listed as your sponsor, and please email me at upon completing your registration so that I can get your Dream Team starter package in the mail to you!

~ Suzanne