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New Norwex Stainless Steel Straws … (and a Sip of Fall)

I did not see this one coming.  Quite honestly I would not have seen the need.  But once I discovered that over FIVE HUNDRED MILLION of these are thrown away EVERY single year, I think this is a marvelous invention.  What am I talking about?  Well, you had better watch the short clip below to discover just how Norwex is changing the world for the better, four stainless cylinders at a time.

Would you have ever guessed that many straws are thrown away into landfills and marine areas each year?  Me neither.  That is why ordering the four pack of stainless steel drinking straws is an easy way to make an impact.  These small items would make a great gift for almost anyone on your list and is the perfect size to slip inside of stockings too.

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Five “Outs” to Avoid the Halloween Sugar High for Children

Gretchen’s Journey

Halloween PumpkinPlease let me be clear on one thing – my kids WILL be having Halloween candy this week.  They are excited about that part of Halloween, and I don’t blame them.  At one particular house in my neighborhood growing up, I still stopped by every October 31st even when I was a teenager.  I have such fond memories of sipping warm apple cider and talking to the sweet lady who was basically the neighborhood grandma.

That is what I want for my kids – memories of dressing up and interacting with the neighbors who are always delighted to see them.  Since we live in a more established neighborhood, my kids are some of the few on the block.  I know that these thoughtful people would be quite disappointed to know that my kids did not get any of their treats.

How do we make it NOT BE all about the candy?  Without eliminating this sweets gathering tradition, these tips will help out with not having that be the focus of Halloween.

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The Dirty Dozen – How Much Pesticide Residue is in the Fruits and Vegetables You are Eating?

One of the keys to having vibrant health is incorporating a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Experts recommend that you eat at least 6 to 8 servings to get the maximum benefit, but the question is how much pesticide residue are you consuming as well?

I ask that not because I wanted to scare you but to help you become a better informed shopper, to be savvy when it comes to produce selection because pesticides will always be a part of our food supply whether we like it or not.

The Dangers
It’s really no secret that pesticides can cause some serious damage to our body depending on the type of exposure we get, of course the more direct the exposure the more serious the damage and though a lot of experts have come out and said that pesticide levels on produce is way below threshold levels, I still want to know which ones have the most residue because we do have such a thing called Bioaccumulation where substances such as pesticides accumulates inside our bodies over a period of time.

Studies have shown time and time again that links pesticide exposure to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, birth defects, and worst of all cancer. So take a few minutes to go through the infographic below to better educate yourself to be a more informed shopper to buy only the best produce possible with the least amount of residue because as the saying goes “health is wealth” and if we lose that we lose everything.

Minimizing Exposure
The Environmental Working Group or the EWG has been helping consumers over the past decade by publishing an annual list that ranks the “dirtiest” and “cleanest” produce based on residue. Samples of all 51 fruits and vegetables listed in their website were taken in random supermarkets and not in farmer’s markets or co-ops so the list in these places maybe different. Continue reading

Tailgating Gluten Free

footballFootball might be synonymous with the changing of the leaves.  In fact, until you have cheered on your favorite team on the gridiron, is it really fall?  At the beginning of the season, eating outdoors does not seem overly fun.  Who wants to be eating in a parking lot in the heat of late summer?  Now that we are nearing the middle of the season, the smell of the grill is a bit more enticing.  But what if you are need to tailgate gluten free?  Eating the wrong food at a tailgate party might just cause you to miss the game due to not feeling well.  While tailgating gluten free takes some effort, this post will hopefully taking some of the guess work out of tailgating gluten free.

First of all, grilling utensils.  I recommend bringing your own.  In fact, you will see this emphasized repetitively!  Why?  Cross contamination.  Touching anything with gluten then even grazing your food makes it instantly inedible for you.  Being there when the food is prepared is probably a good idea!

Drinks: Most are going to be fine, at least for non-alcoholic drinks, but always check ahead of time.  I’ve been amazed at how even some of our previously favorite flavored water have gluten in them.  If beer is on your tailgate grocery list, I’ve been reading more and more about gluten free beer and ciders. Continue reading

A “Norwex” Clean Bathroom in 5 minutes with Just a Couple of Products

Clean BathroomPart 13 in Gretchen’s Journey

I must say I was skeptical at first about the time savings claims that Norwex consultants make.

Clean better in a shorter amount of time? Sure; sign me up!

Having changed over to Norwex cleaning products, I can vouch that this is true.   I guess I better explain – this does not exactly include the tub/shower or the floor, but you would only need to add 10 more minutes maximum if you used Bathroom Scrub Mitt and the Double Sided Mop.  Since I tend to not clean those every week, for today’s purposes I am simply focusing on cleaning the sink, mirror and toilet areas.

Here are the magic ingredients:

Basic PackageFirst; the Basic Package.  With one Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth, I cleaned the sink, mirror and toilet.  In that order.  First, I wet the Enviro Cloth to scrub the sink, then used that cloth to wipe down the mirror, then follow with the Window Cloth.  I wiped down the toilet with that same Enviro Cloth.  Voila!

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