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Gratitude Experiment Examined

Gratitude notes

Guest post by Gretchen Garrison

For all of November, the wood frame above our kitchen’s bay window has been lined with post-it notes of various colors.  Each one has the names of the six different people in my family and what they were thankful for throughout that day.  In the beginning, I wanted each person to think of an unique experience to appreciate. Yet since we are homeschool family, I soon discovered that was an unrealistic expectation.  After all, many of our experiences are the same throughout the day.  Since my husband goes to work every day, his events at times do not vary much either.  Yet I hope that consciously being thankful has helped all of us.  I must confess that we did not get to writing down our grateful moments every day, but we did always catch up.

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Madison’s Women’s Expo 11/22 & 11/23: Let the Shopping Begin!

Madison Women's ExpoAre you always in search of a bargain and feel that the night after Thanksgiving is the best time to get all of your shopping done?

Do you enjoy going out in the middle of the cold, dark night to purchase all of your Christmas gifts?

What if INSTEAD you could have a GIRLS DAY OUT AND  have access to over 100 vendors and exhibitors BEFORE BLACK FRIDAY!!

To add to the fun, you can choose to attend complimentary classes about cooking, fashion, running and even learning more about living out an attitude of gratitude.  You also may choose to catch a concert or two.  Attending a Women’s Expo, like the one coming up late November in Madison, Wisconsin, is an amazing experience!

Brava Magazine is putting on a weekend to remember, including:

  • 4 specialty pavilion areas designed around fashion, home, food and fun.
  • 3 energizing stages that will inspire, motivate and delight you.
  • 2 unique lounges to warm your soul or get your chill on.
  • 1 of many thrilled attendees – that’s YOU!

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Stuff and Gratitude: Six Simplicity Suggestions This Season

Guest post by Gretchen Garrison

Black FridayNow that I have gotten older, I definitely do find it ironic that the most pushed shopping “holiday” of the year follows the day that we are encouraged to reflect and be thankful for all that we have been given.  Many of my friends have taken to posting on Facebook daily in November all that they are thankful for, and as I mentioned, we have been trying to do that daily as a family as well.  Yet yesterday when I took out the newspaper recycling, I could not believe how crammed last Sunday’s paper was with Christmas ads.  Already?  We were not even halfway through the month of November?  Since it was cold, a friend and I met at the mall the other day to take a walk.  While I am even a big fan of Christmas music, hearing it piped every where and seeing holiday displays was a bit annoying.  December 12th?  Sure.  November 12th?  Not so much.

How can we learn to be grateful with our stuff?  How can we teach our kids?  How can we handle this time with joy rather than with overindulgence on so many levels?

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FREE Product for new Norwex Consultants in November 2014

Norwex is always so generous, and in November they are being a little extra generous with NEW Consultants.  Sign up to become a new Norwex Independent Sales Consultant in November 2014 and you will receive a bonus gift valued at $49.97 in your new consultant kit.

November is an amazing time to start your own Norwex business because friends and family are looking for holiday gift ideas, and what’s more perfect than Norwex?!

November 2014 Kit Enhancement

By JOINING MY NORWEX TEAM in November, you will receive the following items in addition to the already generous Norwex kit.

  • 1 Kitchen Cloth in Pomegranate
  • 1 Kitchen Towel in Pomegranate
  • 1 Body Pack, set of three graphite cloths

This is $49.97 in additional FREE PRODUCT!

Please CONTACT ME to learn more about Norwex, and to ask me about the Dream Team starter package that I send out to new consultants who are joining my team in November You can also SIGN UP ONLINE.  Be sure that I am listed as your sponsor, and please email me at upon completing your registration so that I can get your Dream Team starter package in the mail to you!

I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Suzanne

Madison, Wisconsin – Here Comes Norwex!

Do you want you the dust, dirt, grime and streaks in your home to disappear without using traditional cleaners?

Do you want to spend more time having fun and living life, but still have a clean house?

Would you like to keep money in your wallet instead of spending it?

Norwex will clean your home better than any traditional cleaner available. It will save you time and money. Also, your health will improve dramatically by removing toxins from your home. Are you ready to give it a try?

Madison Womens Expo Norwex

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