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Green Living Quality of Life ExpoIf you live in the Twin Cities (St. Paul or Minneapolis, Minnesota) area, clear your calendar for the Green Living and Quality of Life Expo on Saturday, May 2nd in Lakeville, MN! The show runs from 9:30am – 4:30pm at the Lakeville Ames Arena.

This is a great opportunity for you to come learn more about living healthy and living green to improve your quality of life and leave a ripple effect for generations to come. The more you care about your health and the environment now, the more your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and others will be impacted. Your life is important, so take this opportunity to learn how you can stay healthy and help yourself and others along the way! Continue reading

The Quick and Green Spring Clean: The Kitchen and Dining Room

african woman cleaning stove in the modern kitchenLets be honest: the kitchen is a pretty big job to tackle. All those crumbs we thought vanished were really just hiding under the refrigerator. Those splatters from baking cakes must be wiped off the backsplash. Today is the day to conquer that pesky oven we’ve been putting off for just one more day. On kitchen day, I like to keep the area free of dishes and food so give yourself the day off from cooking whatever meals interfere with your time cleaning. Here are the tools we will be using today:

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Happy 45th birthday, Earth Day! Nine Ways to throw an Eco-Friendly Bash

Earth Day 201545 years!  Earth Day has been celebrated for longer than some of us have even born.  I remember observing Earth Day at school with “pick up the trash on the playground” challenges and assignments to set up recycling centers at home.  Yet as we have grown up,  I wonder how many of us have started taking on the cause as our own? Have we consciously made our own efforts to make better environmental choices?  Possibly protecting the earth is just something that we think about one day a year?  I bet all of us could take our ecological efforts up a notch.  What better way to celebrate a new commitment to protecting the globe than to throw a party?  Here are a few suggestions on ways to make not only guests smile at the big bash but also the planet. Continue reading

The Quick and Green Spring Clean: The Bedrooms and Laundry Room

clean modern bedroom with white lamp at homeLet’s lighten up while we freshen up!

Do any of you have stories about spring cleaning flops? My friend recently told me a funny story. When she was a teenager, she was cleaning the screen outside so she filled up her bucket in the laundry room sink. Unfortunately, she forgot to shut off the water and the sink was plugged! The whole laundry room flooded! I hope none of you experience anything like that this year!

Lets move in to the bedrooms and laundry room. Here are the tools we will use today:

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The Quick and Green Spring Clean: Living Spaces

I hope you’re back again for more! Today, we will be conquering the common living spaces: the entry way, the living room, the den, staircases, and any other spaces you have. Here are the tools we will be using today:

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