Life Skills Series: Teach Kids to Save Their Health

Norwex Teaching Kids to Save Their HealthAt first this may seem like an odd title.  Teach kids to save their health?  Yet how many adults do you know that wish that they would have made better choices when they were younger?  Many regret their stint of smoking or unhealthy eating.  Once a diagnosis of skin cancer is given, those tanning days of summer do not seem so appealing.  When we are young, we think that we have plenty of time to make better choices.  Explaining to children that the decisions that they make today will affect … Read More...

Life Skills Series: Teaching Kids to Save the Environment

Norwex Teaching Kids to Save the EnvironmentIn most schools, protecting the environment is emphasized.  In April.  Right around Earth Day.  Yet this should be a focus all year long.  Although classrooms may not have time to emphasize this important concept, we can take the time at home to help our kids to make positive changes that will help to save the earth.

Most of these concepts are simple ones, and as usual, they start with us as parents leading by example.

FREE Adventures: Every Kid in a Park Initiative for 4th Grade Kids

Theodore National ParkEveryone loves FREE things and we all love nature, right? When I heard about this initiative I HAD to share it with all of you immediately!

Did you know that from September 1, 2015- August 31 2016 National Parks all over the U.S. are offering FREE admission to YOU and YOUR family if you have a 4th grade child!


Open Door for Kids National Park Foundation started the initiative because they felt that it is of utmost importance that children and their families experience the treasure … Read More...

Life Skills Series: Teaching Kids to Save Money

Norwex Teaching Kids to Save MoneyAre you a spender or a saver?  Or a combination of both?  What are you teaching your kids about money? What do they learn from your words? What about from your actions?  What children learn about money while they are young cannot help but impact the rest of their lives.  I have a few tips that you can use as you teach your children financial freedom.  One goal is to learn the concept of SAVINGS and that is the acronym guiding my tips today. :-)

Store up some of their …

Life Skills Series: Teaching Kids How to Save Time

Norwex Teaching Kids to Save TimeSometimes I wish I had an extra hour in my day. Well…to be honest…MOST days I wish for an extra hour in my day. Yet when Daylight Savings Time rolls around each fall, and I gain an hour, I can’t exactly say that I use that 60 minutes well. I try to remind myself that time is a commodity, just like money, and that I need to pay as close attention to how I spend my time as how I spend my money. The most valuable thing in my budget Read More...