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March into Spring Cleaning with Great Hostess Gifts!

11670_MAR15_HS_US_Final (2)Who is ready for winter to be over?? I am (with both hands raised!!) Are you ready for spring cleaning? Sometimes the thought of that makes me hope the groundhog forecasted 6 more weeks of winter! I can only imagine how long it is going to take to clean all the salt out of my car or the dust I’ve been turning a blind eye to.

Norwex is going to make spring cleaning a breeze for you this year, starting in March! At just the $325 level, the Cleaning Paste is one of the gifts! Imagine how easily you’ll be able to wipe all the scuffs off the wall or the marks off your counter tops. This product is called “elbow grease in a jar” for a reason! Its going to do all the hard work for you, and you’ll want it to since there is A LOT of work to be done. Get your vases ready for tulips with the bottle brush you’ll be earning, in addition to UPP, a Kitchen Scrub Cloth, and an All-Purpose Kitchen Cloth.

Whose fridge isn’t so fresh right now? Clean it all you want, but something lingers….hopefully not a scent from Christmas! Get yourself some fresh air with the Fridge So Fresh at the $500 level, along with all the other gifts at the lower level. Place it not only in the fridge but other places that aren’t smelling so great either this time of year. Maybe your car, the litter box, the garbage can. If you can smell it, you can put a Fridge So Fresh there. Enjoy an extra Enviro Cloth too since they will all be working their hardest for you! Continue reading

Saving Money This Year: Affordable Family Fun

Perhaps you have noticed that my friend (and incidentally former college roommate) Gretchen, has written guest posts for me.  What you may not know is that she is a Nebraska travel blogger.   Since she has had lots of experience in having fun without spending lots of money, she agreed to share some advice with us.  A perfect fit if your New Year’s Resolution involves saving money.


When I started writing my blog, Odyssey Through Nebraska, eighteen months ago, I really did not think through all of the implications.  For instance, the fact that travel costs money.  Although occasionally we have been offered free or discount admission because of the blog, for the most part, I have had to figure out economical ways of exploring.  After all, you really should not recommend a restaurant where you have never dined.  And you cannot share pictures of a place where you have never been.  Finding fun for my family on a budget has become a fun quest.  This new approach  has also helped me as we explore our own area.

Dining Out

Kids Eat Free If you happen to live in a small town, you might be out on this one – sorry.  For those in larger towns/cities, many places do provide this option for families.  Often, the meal is free with a purchase of an adult meal.  Now that we have a 12 year old, he can easily eat an adult meal, so then our other three can still be free. Continue reading

Creating a SANE Haven: Your Home Office and Paperwork

Contemporary luxury home office with modern decor.This is the space that needs to be kept the most organized, but is so often the LEAST orderly. I wanted to start our series with this space because it becomes the catch-all zone. The mail keeps arriving, forms need to be signed, and bills need to be paid. Once you conquer this area, you will have a lot of steam to keep moving with your other organizing projects.

One of the reasons I think organizing office space is so difficult is because every office is going to be different. People use their home office in many different capacities. I use mine for all my Norwex business and home affairs. Some people just use theirs for filing bills. I have a room in my home that is my office. Some people just have a corner in their basement for their desk. There is no “one size fits all” solution for office space.

Lets look at some common problem areas and their solutions from some other great blogs when it comes to our office:

The Supplies: So many sheets of paper, pens, paperclips, staples! Its maddening if these things aren’t in order. I love how Jenn at Clean and Scentsible uses a muffin tray to organize the small things in her drawer. She also suggests using an ice cube tray. These are things you already have on hand. Over at a Bowl Full of Lemons, Tina uses an egg dish. I also like Tina’s idea to store different writing utensils in small buckets above her work space. Use magazine holders to store your notebooks that are in use. Use fun, vibrant colors! You’ll the need the energizing! Be creative with your space. Continue reading

Creating a SANE Haven: The Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, kunder-sink-organization-eeping a clean, streamlined workspace is essential! There is a lot of turn over that happens in the kitchen. Dishes are used, washed and put away. Food bought, stored, used, and thrown away. Its hard to keep track of everything and make sure that the storage areas stay clean. Flour gets spilled, the kids put away the dishes in the wrong “homes,” and food is always expiring. I’ve been inspired by a few blogs to change things up in my own kitchen so I thought I would pass these along to you in case you’ve been struggling to find solutions.

Under the Sink: Now, I know that most people store their chemicals here, but you can also store Norwex enzymes, cloths, and food covers there. I think the most important thing to remember is that there is always the risk that a kitchen sink will leak onto whatever is underneath. I love how uses plastic baskets to store their cleaners. That’s an easy clean up if one of them leaks. At, they use a shower caddy for things you will frequently use together. Another idea, especially if you use Norwex, is buying a storage container with drawers. If you look close, Jenn at stores her Spirisponges, Cleaning Paste, and Micro Cleaning Hand Pads in this storage container. At, they up-cyle a magazine rack to store your plastic wrap, tin foil, or parchment paper if you don’t have a drawer or pantry to spare. Continue reading

Fort Worth,Texas- Here comes Norwex!

They say everythinSH & TC L2C Ft Worth Invite Flyerg is bigger is Texas, but I hope that doesn’t apply to your messes! Even if it does, Norwex is ready to rise to challenge!

Are you tired of having to choose between a clean house or going out with the girls?

Are you suspicious of how traditional cleaners can affect your health?

Feel like you are always running out of one cleaner or another?

Its time to throw out your chemicals once and for all and join the millions that already have switched to cleaning with just water and their Norwex cloths! These products not only clean better, but are going to save you time and money! You can rest easy since you will no longer be exposing yourself, your family, and the environment to the toxins that are present in traditional cleaners.

Love to clean? Hate to clean? Either way, you will LOVE Norwex! Check out how to replace 80% of the traditional cleaners in your home with just 3 cloths and water. You will save yourself time and money. Not to mention, you can watch your quality of life improve when you remove those traditional toxic cleaners from your home. It is as good as it sounds.

Are you looking for a career change? Trying to find a job that is flexible, rewarding, and a generous income opportunity? Then it’s time to ask about becoming a Norwex consultant! Join a direct sales company in a region where the ground is still dry. There is so much room to grow!

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