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Celebrate Earth Hour on March 28th

EARTH_HOUR_LOGO_smCan one hour really make a difference in bettering the environment?  The country of Australia thought so when they began Earth Hour in 2007.  Last year over 135 countries participated in this now global effort to save the environment.  I bet most of you are still wondering what exactly is “Earth Day?”  From 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday March 28th, you are encouraged to be more electricity conscious.  Turn off every light that is non-essential.  Unplug whatever you can (although the refrigerator is not exactly recommended :-) ) Gather with friends and family to discuss ways that we can all be more environmentally aware.  Learn about the effects of global warming and how to thwart that process.

But wait ….

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Toxic Love: Alternatives to the “Clean Scent”

SuzanneToxicDo you have a toxic relationship?  A toxic relationship between you and your cleaning products?  I have met many people that are interested in Norwex products but are held back by the fact that they don’t leave a scent behind.  What is your favorite scent?  Lemon, pine, lavender, … bleach??

You’re going to get a Real Clean with Norwex, but I understand if you want to have a scent left behind.  Let’s talk about some options.

I wish I could tell you to just use air fresheners, but they are toxic too. According to the EPA, the four main ingredients of air fresheners are formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, p- dichlorobenzene, and aerosol propellants.Formaldehyde is know to be a VOC (Volitile Organic Compound), meaning that at normal room temperature they vaporize in to a gas ( Breathing formaldehyde? Yuck! They also contain “phthalates—hazardous chemicals known to cause hormonal abnormalities, birth defects, and reproductive problems” (  All those consequences just for a quick fix?  Not cool!  Thankfully, there are ways to naturally scent your home without chemicals. You just have to think outside the cleaning aisle. Continue reading

Five Tips to Avoid the Pinch of Being Green All Year

Happy St Patricks Day from NorwexI can still remember painstakingly picking out my outfit the night before March 17th when I was in elementary school.  I always wanted to wear a visible amount of green in the perfect shade.  After all, I didn’t want to be pinched because someone claimed that I was only wearing teal.  I kept the practice up through high school and possibly even through college.  As I have grown older, I definitely have become less intentional about wearing green on St Patrick’s Day.  Some days I am lucky to remember what day of the week it is, much less the date on the calendar.

The same can be true about saving the planet.  While there are a few exceptions, for the most part people desire to make the world a better place.  At first, we may painstakingly plan ways to be more environmentally conscious.  Yet quickly our goals can be pushed aside in the midst of trying to just keep up with life.  I hope these tips that follow will make being “green” easier without the accompanying pinch. Continue reading

Stock Up NOW for Spring Cleaning in Blaine, Minnesota This Weekend

IMG_3394Are you ready to start spring cleaning??  Whether you’re excited or anxious, get yourself in the mood with some new products from Norwex!

Have you seen the new 2015 products in person? You’ll be able to see them here, along with a wide variety of other Norwex products.

This weekend, I will be at a craft show in Blaine, Minnesota.  I have tons of Norwex Cash and Carry items, ready for your to take that day so you can get to work on your spring cleaning!  Feel free to ask questions about problems spots in your home.  I’d love to consult with you on how to best clean your home the Norwex way this season.

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