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Making More Memories in 2015

When you look back at 2014, is a year full of family memories? Did you take the vacations that you wanted to? Did you have a family game night once a week? Or was it a year of flying from one activity to the next and eating fast food in the car for dinner? For many, it was the latter. Between all the commitments my family has, carving out time together takes effort.MemoryQuote3

When I think of spending less time working on work, housework, driving to activities etc., I begin to fear that everything will fall apart if I don’t continue to invest as much time in each activity. On the other side, my fears crowd in and feed me the worst scenarios about what would happen if I didn’t make family time. What is comes down to is fear. Fear is driving why I keep up this harried schedule.

What I want for you and me in 2015 is to be free. Free of fear. Free from keeping up appearances. Free from the opinions of others about my family. Free from fearing a landslide of tasks set aside. But what does a “freed,” but not empty, schedule look like? Its not like all these commitments are going to just vanish. I want to share some of the ideas I am thinking over as we start 2015. Continue reading

The New Reason Not to Reach for Bleach!

SuzanneStainRemoverAs you take down your holiday decor, you might be noticing a few stains that weren’t there when you put things out. Is your beautiful white table cloth still harboring some of Christmas dinner? Some red wine here, your grandma’s delicious ham gravy there. Did you have a smashing New Year’s party? And, consequentially, some evergreen wax puddles now stain your beaded table runner? How do your napkins look? Mine usually need some TLC after the holidays.

Its tempting when you see these stains to reach for bleach or send out to dry cleaning. Bleach is one of the good ol’ boys of our home cleaners. For decades, it has been ingrained in us that bleach is an all-purpose solution for so many problems, including stains. However, bleach is a very toxic chemical, as it says right on the bottle. Bleach is considered a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) meaning that at room temperature it evaporates and becomes a gas. According to, “Exposure to low levels of VOCs for short periods of time can lead to an increase in respiratory problems, nausea, dizziness, headaches and in some cases cause allergic reactions. Long term or chronic exposure to volatile organic compounds can lead to an increased risk of kidney damage, liver damage and cancer.” I’d say those are very serious effects!

Instead of reaching for bleach or sending your things out to dry cleaning, try Norwex’s new Stain Remover! Your stains will vanish with this biodegradable formula that is also free of dyes, fragrances, phthalates, petroleum solvents and glycol ethers. This solution is gentle enough to use on delicates, baby clothes, colorfast fabrics, and bedding, and works great against food, soil, protein, grease  and sugar stains. It might be time to revisit a few garments in your closet that you thought were a lost cause, or pull out the table cloth you had been strategically placing dishes over to hide stains. This formula is so easy to use! Just rub Stain Remover into the stain, wait one to five minutes depending on how bad it is, and then wash just like you usually would.

Take care of your health this year! Don’t just accept things that have been grandfathered in generation to generation and be conscious of the products that are in your home!

To try the Norwex Stain Remover, you can shop online HERE or CONTACT ME for personalized service.

~ Suzanne



A FreshStart in 2015!

11513_Starter_Kit_Flyer_US_lores-page-001Are you looking to start something different for yourself in 2015? What if you could start your own business with little to no financial risk? What if you could stock your business with everything you needed with no cost to yourself?

Whatever your reason or goal, Norwex can help you get there. Everyone is looking for a fresh start in 2015 and Norwex literally has a FreshStart program for you!

When you sign up to become a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant, Norwex immediately sends you their starter kit for free (if you sell $2000 in the first 90 days). The 2015 Starter Kit has some great upgrades from its previous version, including the Superior Dry Mop Pad and the new Ultra Power Plus. Sounds great, right?

But wait, there’s more! Norwex wants you to have a strong start to your business and is going to reward you for hitting certain milestones in your business. You can’t beat that can you? With the additional product you receive for free from the FreshStart program, you can use it for your own personal use so you can give testimonials, use it for your own demos, or give away as prizes at parties. You decide!

Continue reading

Norwex Goes Gluten Free!

Gluten Free 2015 Blank-page-001If you have Celiac Disease, it’s important to examine all of the products in your home for hidden gluten.  One area that can be tricky is your soaps and personal care items.  I’m SO EXCITED to share the Norwex now has even more gluten free items!

Our Peppermint Foaming Hand Soap is amazing!  You can read more about it HERE.

Our new Naturally Timeless Skin Care line will be released in April 2015, so connect with me then and I’m happy to share more.

Our Timeless Lip Balm, Olive Oil Salt Scrub, Hand Cleaner, Rescue Gel, and Organic Shea Butter are all gluten free.

The NEW Body Lotion, Shower Gel, and Hand Cream are some of my FAVORITE gluten free products.  I use each of them daily.

Of course, it’s also important to make sure the items you are washing your dishes and clothing with is gluten free.  I’m pleased to announce that our Ultra Power Plus laundry detergent, Super Jet Dishwasher Soap, and Dishwashing Liquid are all gluten free as well.

I hope this a happy find for those of you suffering with Celiac or gluten sensitivity.  Removing gluten from our home has been a journey for our family, and companies like Norwex make me so happy when they hear that concern and remove it from their products!

For more information, please CONTACT ME.  I would love to connect!

~ Suzanne Continue reading

Guest Post: Lessons Learned from Year One with Norwex

Guest post by Gretchen Garrison

Little did I know when I started 2014 that I was going to discover a company that would change my life.  Well at least my way of cleaning, and also my way of thinking.  Yep, my life. I had known for a long time that my former college roommate (and dear friend), Suzanne, was involved with Norwex.  Other than being happy for her success, I did  not give the fact much thought.

Then a February e-mail from her changed that.  For only $8, I could join Norwex without any obligation.  I was curious about their cleaning products, so I figured why not?  When the packages of my product arrived, I was quite excited.  Almost as if I knew then just how Norwex was going to be affecting still months later.  Here are just a few things that I have learned.

1) Cleaning does not have to take forever.  Sometimes I would put off doing any cleaning because I just knew it would take longer than the time I had.  Norwex demystified that theory for me.  Now that I know that I can have Norwex clean bathrooms in less than five minutes, we get to them much more often.  Does this mean my house is always clean?  Not exactly, but we have made progress!

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