The Best Got Better!


I'm at the Norwex 2015 Conference right now in Minneapolis, MN, and I could not wait to share this news with you! Norwex has JUST announced that they have updated the EnviroCloth™ to be even BETTER than before!  That's right, the best got better! They have come to find a new sewing machine that weaves the Norwex Microfiber … [Read more...]

Why Norwex China? The SVP Trip to Shanghai – Reflections on an amazing trip

The Bund

Our final evening in China brought one of my favorite photo opportunities. We went out for a farewell dinner at Lost Heaven and had a great time visiting with each other and recapping how fun our day at the factory had been. It was a gorgeous night, so after dinner a few of us decided to walk back to the hotel. Walking along The … [Read more...]

Why Norwex China? The SVP Trip to Shanghai – Part Five – The Big Surprise


After touring the Norwex factory, we were then told that there was a big surprise for us...we were going to make our very own enviro cloths!!! After some giggles and astonished looks, we got to work. The employees were all so sweet to help us through the process. I'm sure they had never seen anything quite like seven Senior Vice … [Read more...]

Why Norwex China? The SVP Trip to China – Part Four – The Inner Workings of the Norwex Factory

cutting the enviro cloth

Wow; we had been amazed just hearing about why Norwex is in China, and now the moment had come - it was time for us to tour the factory and see first hand how the microfiber products are made! Step one was to put on hats that all employees must wear when in the factory. You can see us all here just prior to entering the factory. … [Read more...]

Why Norwex China? The Senior Vice President Trip to China – Part Three – The Norwex Factory

Norwex SVPs at Norwex China

June 25, 2015 - This is the day we had been waiting for, the day we get to visit the Norwex factory in China! The excitement level was high! We boarded the mini bus for the factory and set out on a two hour drive. It was fun to see some of the countryside along the way to the factory. Upon arriving at Norwex China, we were … [Read more...]