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Welcoming Guests with the New Norwex Entry Mat

Making our homes feel welcoming is important.  The phrase “putting out the welcome mat” symbolizes inviting others into our homes and ultimately into our lives.  Have you ever pondered that maybe the literal mat that you are rolling out for your guests may actually be causing your environment to be unhealthy?  Watch the below video to learn more.

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New Norwex Double Sided Mop

Is your cleaning closet overflowing?  Do you feel like you’re spending too much time cleaning??

If you have been using Norwex products for awhile, hopefully you have gotten rid of bottle after bottle of chemicals and you’re finding that we are helping you save time and money cleaning.

Maybe you haven’t tried our floor care products yet, so your old brooms and mops are crowding your house and not quite getting the job done.  Norwex has a solution for you!  Check out the video on our new Norwex Double-Sided Mop System.

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New Norwex Silicone Lids

Did you know that according to the NRDC, the average American throws away twenty pounds of food per month?

At a cost of $25-50 worth of wasted food, for a family of four that amount adds up quickly!  Think of all you can do with an extra $200 per month.

Maybe you do try to save food, but your attempts don’t go well.  You can probably relate to one of the scenarios in the below video.

Norwex to the rescue again. By utilizing the reusable silicone lids, you will be able to properly store food in your refrigerator. These silicone lids allow you to avoid using products such as plastic wrap which can leak chemicals into your food.  They also reduce plastic wrap waste.

If you often have leftovers, investing in two sets of lids is a great idea.  After all, four lids can be purchased for less than amount of food EACH American wastes each month.  By putting away food correctly, you will be saving money AND time spent matching a random lid to the wrong container.  Think of how organized your refrigerator will become as well!

You can SHOP ONLINE, or CONTACT ME for more information.  I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Suzanne

Norwex at the Blaine National Sports Center Fall Craft and Gift Show Oct 17 through 19

Norwex Shopping ExtravaganzaFall Craft Shows are SO MUCH FUN and this is one of the best!!

I love getting out there to meet current Norwex fans as well as introduce Norwex to those of you who haven’t yet experienced the “WOW factor” of cleaning with just water and a cloth!

Stop out at the Blaine National Sports Center on October 17th, 18th and 19th to check out my Norwex booth.  I will have some fun demos, and will have tons of product on hand for cash and carry.  Stop by to check out our NEW items as well as to stock up on your Norwex staples like our Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent.  Norwex makes a great purchase for yourself or a friend.  Continue reading