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Let Norwex be Your Valentine this February!!

11588_FEB15_HS_US_final[6]-page-001Its time to treat yourself in February! You can be your own best valentine in February by booking a Norwex party! These specials are not only going to pamper your home but yourself as well!

One of the best products you can gift is the spa wrap and hair turban! If you remember, in our post “I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter!” we reviewed these two items. They really are as soft as butter! They are a great pair and a must-have for your home spa. They will make your morning routine much more luxurious. At the $1000 level, these two, plus all the other gifts, can be yours for free! What a great way to treat yourself!

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January is MOP MONTH for Norwex Hosts

Suzanne2Make a line folks- its MOP MONTH!  The most wonderful time of the year is now until the end of January!  This is the most expensive product in the catalog, and it can be yours for free with a qualifying party this month!

Just this last week, I calculated how much you can save when you switch from a popular disposable floor cleaning system (let’s spare the guilty by not mentioning brands) to the Norwex Mop System. As I was comparing the costs from last year, I noticed that “popular disposable floor cleaning system” has dramatically reduced their price on the starter kit, but has increased the price on the products you need to sustain its use. In just one year, the average user will spend $188.15 on “popular disposable floor cleaning system” products. Isn’t that crazy! Even though it is nice to just toss all the dirt away and never see it again, these products are very wasteful and keep you driving back to the store for more.

Norwex’s Mop System will leave your floors clean with just two reusable pads. The yellow or pink one is the dry pad; this will replace the dusting pads you buy for the disposable floor cleaning system you may currently be using. The Superior Mop Pads use static electricity to hold all the pet hair, dirt, and dust in while you cover the whole floor surface. The blue or grey pad will replace the wet pads and solution you would buy for the disposable floor cleaning system. It has the BacLock feature, Norwex’s signature cleansing system that uses microsilver to self-purify. Whether you’re mopping up dirty dog foot prints or scrubbing off old food, your floor is going to be completely bare when you are done. Continue reading

Join our Norwex Safe Haven Club

Do you wish you could spread out your Norwex purchases and still get hostess benefits?  Maybe you would love to host a home show but it just doesn’t work for your schedule, your home, your friends?  Do you have a group of friends that all want to convert their homes to Norwex but can only do a little at a time?

We understand, and we have a solution!


Safe Haven Header
My team has created a way for you to spread out your purchases over a six month period, while grouping together with friends to be a rotating “host of the month.”  We’ve created a Hostess Buying Club, and we call it the “Safe Haven Club.”  Why?  By turning your home into a Norwex home, you are creating a safe haven for all who enter – a haven free of toxic chemicals.

Here’s how it works.  Find five friends who all want to join your ‘Safe Haven Club’ and rotate Norwex catalog / online parties with you  Each of you would commit to ordering a minimum of just $55 per month before tax and shipping for six months.  You would rotate as hostess of the month.  If everyone participates, you would earn approximately $150 or more in FREE NORWEX when it’s your turn to host.  How awesome is that!!  We can set this up online to make it super quick and easy for you and your friends, and friends from all around the United States can participate.  CONTACT ME for more details or to get started.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for creating your own Safe Haven!

~ Suzanne

You can see some of the Norwex host specials HERE.

FREE Product for new Norwex Consultants in November 2014

Norwex is always so generous, and in November they are being a little extra generous with NEW Consultants.  Sign up to become a new Norwex Independent Sales Consultant in November 2014 and you will receive a bonus gift valued at $49.97 in your new consultant kit.

November is an amazing time to start your own Norwex business because friends and family are looking for holiday gift ideas, and what’s more perfect than Norwex?!

November 2014 Kit Enhancement

By JOINING MY NORWEX TEAM in November, you will receive the following items in addition to the already generous Norwex kit.

  • 1 Kitchen Cloth in Pomegranate
  • 1 Kitchen Towel in Pomegranate
  • 1 Body Pack, set of three graphite cloths

This is $49.97 in additional FREE PRODUCT!

Please CONTACT ME to learn more about Norwex, and to ask me about the Dream Team starter package that I send out to new consultants who are joining my team in November You can also SIGN UP ONLINE.  Be sure that I am listed as your sponsor, and please email me at upon completing your registration so that I can get your Dream Team starter package in the mail to you!

I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Suzanne