Summertime with Norwex: 5 Places I Keep an Enviro Cloth

Summertime with NorwexWhat is your favorite summer activity? What do your kids like to do? Are you going on any vacations? This season can be a whirlwind, so who has time to be cleaning up frequent messes? From the melting ice cream to the dirty dog paws, summer brings more messes than than I like to deal with. That’s why I keep Enviro Cloths in strategic places; just water and the Norwex BacLock™  microfiber deal with all the messes quickly and effectively!

Our microfiber is very fine, 1/200th of a human hair; and very dense, 1,800 miles long if you unraveled it! Once the area has been wiped down, BacLock™ self-purifies the cloth by using microsilver. No wonder an Enviro Cloth is so useful! Here are 5 places I put it to use in the summer: [Read more…]

Host Your Norwex Spring Cleaning Party in April!!


Usually, Spring Cleaning doesn’t come with too many rewards, just some sore muscles and the satisfaction that the dust that only you notice is gone. Unless…You host a Norwex party!!

April is an excellent month to reward yourself for a job well done. If you’re curious how to spring clean the “green” way this year, stay tuned for our spring cleaning series starting this month. We’ll give you some tips and tool to help you get going.

According to a new report from Kansas State University, kitchen towels were deemed the “germiest thing in you kitchen.” Gross, huh? Well, maybe its time your switched up your dishwashing routine. At the $325 level, you will receive the new and improved dishwashing liquid, the pomegranate kitchen cloth and towel, dish mat, and the kitchen scrub cloth. The Kitchen Cloth and Towel have the unique BacLock™ feature, Norwex’s micro silver antibacterial agent, which will inhibit bacterial odor, mold and/or mildew growth within the product. Your kitchen towel will no longer be a “hot spot” for the bacteria to hang out! [Read more…]

Let Norwex be Your Valentine this February!!

11588_FEB15_HS_US_final[6]-page-001Its time to treat yourself in February! You can be your own best valentine in February by booking a Norwex party! These specials are not only going to pamper your home but yourself as well!

One of the best products you can gift is the spa wrap and hair turban! If you remember, in our post “I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter!” we reviewed these two items. They really are as soft as butter! They are a great pair and a must-have for your home spa. They will make your morning routine much more luxurious. At the $1000 level, these two, plus all the other gifts, can be yours for free! What a great way to treat yourself!

[Read more…]