Cleaning Norwex Microfiber is Easier Than You May Have Been Told

Norwex Cloth Care MagnetsCleaning your Norwex Microfiber cloths and mop pads may be easier than you have been told.  I get more questions about microfiber care than on any other topic!  I frequently hear unusual things from customers who stop by my craft show or expo booths….things like cooking their cloths in a crockpot, microwaving them, or always boiling…and never ever washing or putting them in the dryer.

Here’s the official Norwex laundering instructions from their customer care sheet that is sent with each order:

Use dry to pick up and hold


How To Clean your Norwex Microfiber

I get questions every day from someone asking how to launder their Norwex microfiber.

Some common misconceptions out there include:

  • I need to boil my Norwex cloths (NOT true)
  • I should never wash my Norwex cloths…after all, they are Antibac, right?  (again…NOT true)
  • I should microwave my Norwex microfiber (I’m not even sure where this rumor came from)
  • I can’t ever dry my Norwex microfiber in my clothes dryer (not necessarily true…see below)

That brings us to the question at hand… What ARE the proper laundering / washing and Read More...