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Kids and the Environment

New Norwex Kids’ Line

Want to have fun with your children while completing household tasks together??  Want to teach your children environmental responsibility by showing them how to reduce the use of harmful chemicals while helping you clean?? Do you want your children to learn how this impacts their own health, hygiene, and personal surroundings?? Then check-out the new Norwex Kids Line!


The Kids Cloth Package (sized for children) includes a bright green Kids Mitt, an orange Kids Window Cloth, and a blue Kids Enviro Cloth, all with colorful trims.  The ergonomic Kids Mop Package also incorporates a bright colored handle and mop base.  Bright colors are “active” colors and some studies have suggested that they can help inspire a positive attitude and an increased energy level.[1] Just what we need for motivating us to clean!!


Let’s begin cleaning together in the child’s bedroom. You and your child can dust the dressers, headboards, pictures, ornaments, toy chest, blinds, and the desk or computer station using your own Antibac Dusting Mitts!  These putzy tasks can be completed so quickly that dusting does not become a tedious chore….no waxy, chemical sprays necessary, no need to constantly change sides on a dirty dusting rag that just smears the dust around!  The antibac microfiber produces an electrostatic charge pulling the dust and debris into the mitt.  Remember to use the Norwex Optic Cloth to wipe the computer and TV screens.

Any remaining grime or stains can be removed by using Antibac Enviro Cloths slightly dampened with water only.  These cloths are also good for wiping spots on the walls or carpeting and cleaning toys and spills.  They can be used on the mirrors or windows, followed by polishing with the Window Cloths.  One of the best rewards from using these Norwex products is that you and your child can see the results of your efforts immediately….and there are no obnoxious fumes! Afterwards, everything can be put back into place and arranged neatly for an orderly feeling.

Parents, there are also other Norwex products that you can use in your bedroom and your child’s bedroom.  One is the Mattress Cleaner.  Just spray lightly on the mattress, pillows, and items such as stuffed toys.  Let dry for about 4 hours before putting on the clean bedding.  It can also be used on your sofa and lounging chairs in the living room/family room.  It eliminates dust mites and all organic matter, such as skin cells .  The Carpet Stain Buster is great for spot cleaning, shampooing, eliminating protein stains such as urine and vomit, and getting rid of odors.  Tougher scuff marks on the walls or floors can be eliminated by using the Micro Hand Pad.  Actually, your child could also use this product under your supervision, especially if he or she used crayons on the walls!!

Let’s move on to the living room/family room! The same products in the Kids Cloth Package and some of those used to clean the bedrooms can also be used here for cleaning furniture, blinds, ceiling fans, windows, entertainment centers, pictures, lamp bases, knick knacks, and even plants!  Inform your child about the dangerous chemicals found in commercial rug cleaners, furniture polish, air fresheners, and all purpose cleaners.  Explain in terms that your child can understand that these chemicals can make you sick and irritate the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract or nose.  Emphasize how Norwex reduces the use of harmful chemicals in its products and that a lot of cleaning  can be done simply with water and a microfiber cloth!

The Kids Mop Package is the perfect example of cleaning without chemicals!! First, you use the Dry Mop to pick up the debris, dust, and hair.  Your child will have fun moving the mop in a figure 8 technique and you will be pleased with the effectiveness of the mop!  The Antibac Wet Mop, dampened with water only, cleans your floor without chemicals.  Your floors will be streak-free too.  The Norwex Mop System can be used on all types of floors, including hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, and marble.  Mop Base Brackets can be attached to the base to fasten an Enviro Cloth to reach places hard to clean such as windows, ceilings, and ceiling fans.  Use the Rubber Brush in a downward motion to remove debris from the dry mop.  Hang the mop and the cloths on the Mop and Cloth Hanger when finished.

Reward your child’s cleaning efforts with lots of praise and the bright orange Kids Back Pack.  This pack is practical for carrying lunches or gym clothes or for bringing fun items along on a hike or to the park.  Cleaning with Norwex products is a great way to spend time together while you show your child something of value that he or she can use in their daily lives for many years to come!!