Norwex 2013 Leadership Conference

I recently returned home from the Norwex 2013 Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas.  I met and was inspired by leaders from the United States, Canada, Latvia, Australia, and Norway, proving once again that Norwex is really a global presence in Radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning.  Norwex did a wonderful job of pulling together high quality training intermingled with inspiring testimonies from leaders around the globe.  I love hearing how Norwex touches and changes so many lives.

One highlight of my trip was that Norwex surprised all of the Red and Black Jacket Leaders (the top two tiers of leaders at Norwex) with a trip to our NEW WORLDWIDE HEADQUARTERS in Dallas.  We were amazed at the work Norwex is putting into this new facility that will be able to support our global efforts while also shipping all US packages in a quick and efficient manner.  Our new warehouse will be able to pack and ship 40 orders at one time!!  I am so excited about how this is going to serve our hostesses and customers.

This is a photo of the red and black jackets in the new headqarters with our global sales team.
Norwex leadership conference 2013

I feel so blessed to be a leader with this amazing company called Norwex.  It has touched so many lives around the world, and that ripple effect continues to be multiplied each time someone decides to share Norwex with their friends and family by hosting a home show, each time someone decides to change the world by becoming a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant and sharing Norwex on a daily basis, and each time an Indpendent Sales Consultant decides to multiply her efforts by sharing the Norwex mission further when he or she hires and trains NEW Norwex consultants.

Are you looking for a life changing career?

One that is a MISSION rather than just a job?

If so, you can read more information HERE or CONTACT ME.  I would love to share the amazing story of Norwex with you and talk about how it can fit into your life, whether as a hostess or consultant.

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